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Benito Martinez Plays Evergreen County’s Sheriff Diaz in ’13 Reasons Why’ (SPOILERS)

Sheriff Diaz works for the Evergreen County Sheriff’s Deparment as a county officer who first comes into play on 13 Causes Why throughout the investigation of Bryce (Justin Prentice)’s homicide.

He performs a giant position all through the season, talking with all the classmates and making an attempt to determine who brought on Bryce’s loss of life, then later, the place the steroids present in Bryce’s automotive got here from.

Sheriff Diaz turns into intimately enmeshed with the soccer crew after conducting a number of searches and speaking to the entire crew within the hopes of understanding higher what went down on the night of homecoming.

When Sheriff Diaz begins to suspect that Clay had the intention to kill Bryce with the intention to both get justice for Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) or as a result of he was jealous of the truth that Bryce was hooking up with Ani (Grace Saif), he finally arrests Clay in entrance of different college students following a Liberty Excessive meeting.

In fact, it comes out that Clay is definitely harmless of the homicide, and that Zach (Ross Butler) had really seen Bryce after Clay.

Now in Season 4, as feelings concerning Justin’s well being run excessive, Clay runs to the County Sheriff’s Division claiming he has a gun when he does not really, as a result of he desires somebody to note and assist him. “I promise nobody will damage you,” the sheriff says to a distressed Clay.

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