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Best Animal Crossing Uniqlo Collaboration Items

Best Animal Crossing Uniqlo Collaboration Items

Animal Crossing: New Horizons recently announced a collaboration with UNIQLO, which brings fans a wide selection of apparel. Which items are best?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has seen several collaborations recently, and the latest of these is the Animal Crossing UNIQLO apparel collection. Releasing in late June on UNIQLO’s website, this collaboration includes in-game clothing as well as a selection of Animal Crossing-inspired designs available for fans to purchase and wear in real life.

Other recent collaborations have included real-world Build-A-Bear Workshop plushies and several in-game villagers and furniture sets based on Sanrio characters. Similar to Nintendo’s Sanrio-inspired island, players can visit a “UNIQLO Island” as part of the new crossover.

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The UNIQLO collection includes T-shirts, towels, tunics and tote bags. Clothing items are available in unisex, women’s, children’s and babies’ sizes. The designs are all inspired by New Horizons and feature familiar faces, such as the Able sisters, Dodo Airlines and Tom Nook. The in-game Animal Crossing UNIQLO items match their real-world counterparts, which means players can dress up their islanders to look just like themselves.

Best Animal Crossing UNIQLO Items: Celeste Tunic

One of the most subtle items in the collection, this short-sleeve tunic only features a small design on the chest, as well as a string of words on one sleeve. The focus of the design is Celeste, Blathers’ sister, who visits player’s islands when shooting stars are out to provide astrology-themed DIY recipes. In reference to this, the UNIQLO tunic features shooting stars alongside Celeste.

Best Animal Crossing UNIQLO Items: Able Sisters T-Shirt

This short-sleeve T-shirt design’s black-and-white aesthetic makes it an understated choice for fans who aren’t looking to get too over-the-top. It displays several icons of Animal Crossing‘s Able sisters, as well as a few of the game’s clothing item icons and some text advertising the island’s tailor shop. The font used in the design appears to be the same as in New Horizons.

Best Animal Crossing UNIQLO Items: Nook Inc. Pocketable Bag

If Animal Crossing fans are looking for a new bag to carry their groceries, they need look no further than this Nook Inc.-inspired tote bag. While the design of the bag is simplistic, it features the iconic symbols and characters New Horizons is known for and also includes a smart financial reminder – “Use your Bells well” – as part of the print.

Fans should keep an eye out in the coming month for the final, late-June release date of the collaboration items, which can be purchased online and in stores as well as found in game. As the game continues to update, players should also watch for additional collaborations that may get announced for Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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