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7 Best Kid-Friendly Minecraft Youtube Channels – Top Minecraft Youtube Channels for Kids

7 Best Kid-Friendly Minecraft Youtube Channels - Top Minecraft Youtube Channels for Kids

You can’t deny that the rave behind Minecraft, which once died down, is now back again. From You Tubers creating independent content to streaming a Minecraft session, there are several amazing things that they are up to. If your kids have been obsessed with the game and have been curious about the gameplay, one of the best spots to learn the game is on YouTube. Here, the kids can watch and learn as they play. This makes it a lot easier for them to enjoy the game without any kind of interruption. But, we’d not suggest that you let your kids rely on the Adult and censor-free Best Kid-Friendly Minecraft Youtube Channels and instead choose the kid-friendly YouTube channels that play and stream Minecraft.

Best Kid-friendly Minecraft Youtube channels

Some of the best ones include:

1. Stampy

When it comes to kid-friendly Minecraft YouTube channels, Stampy is one of the absolute best. The host of the show is a British cartoon cat, which is portrayed by Joseph Garrett. This channel is an extremely fun and lighthearted channel that lets you stream their content and learn from them as well. The channel has several series wherein the users can Play Along or even learn some cool tips and tricks about Minecraft that they can implement later. 

2. iBallisticSquid

You can’t go wrong with this one. If you have watched the content that Stampy posts, the one on iBallistic Squid is a lot similar to that. The host of the channel is a Squid, who also happens to be Stampy’s best friend. The voice of the Squid is portrayed by artist David Spencer. The channel features English-language fun, interactive, and lighthearted content. You can also go through challenges and mods via this one.

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3. Paule Soares Jr.

Just because we are talking about the kid-Minecraft channel doesn’t mean everything has to be a third-party channel. The owner of this YouTube channel is a multi-functional human being who works as a father, entrepreneur, and husband all along. It teaches how-tos when it comes to Minecraft, so if you are stuck anywhere and need quick learning this, this channel likely has it already. Even YouTube has rated his channel to be family-friendly, bringing him thousands of viewers.

4. The Atlantic Craft

As weird as the name of the channel is, it is hands down one of the absolute best options for the kids learning to play Minecraft. Run by Cody Maverick and Joe Buzz, the channel has gained quite a lot of popularity over time. From tutorials to mini-games and mods, the platform does host a lot of things. Although it is particularly marketed for the children, the hosts are extremely polite, making it a family-friendly channel.

5. Little Lizard Gaming

Run by two Irish brothers, Ryan and Scott Fitzimons, this is likely one of the most popular Minecraft streaming channels, if not the absolute best. The channel hosts 100% kid-friendly content. If you want or your kids want to play the game at a stretch, this platform takes care of that for the gamers. It is suited for younger adults and no, they won’t pick up a bad name. They do allow you to play the game along the way and interact with more and more people.

6. Popular MMOs

If there’s one underrated YouTube channel for Minecraft for kids, PopularMMOs is the one. The platform is known for streaming some of the best action and fun related videos. The channel has a very minimalist approach to its content that makes everything aesthetically pleasing. This particular game is not for the younger kids but works great for the older kids because of the quotes and motivation it brings in. This is more for the older kids who have been playing Minecraft for some time and have a basic idea about it.

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7. Preston Playz

The last YouTube channel that we’d blindly suggest for the kids is Preston Playz. A very young kid rund the channel, who has been playing Minecraft for quite some time on their own. From their solid gameplans and the tips and tricks they shared; their channel has gained quite a lot of popularity over time. The content on this channel is very kid-friendly with simple explanations, making it easier for the kids and beginners to understand the game play and then implement the same to their games too.

If you are on the lookout for some good kid-friendly YouTube channels for Minecraft, these are the top seven picks that we’d suggest you look out for. Not only do they have a very rich stream of content, their videos are kid-friendly and also prevent unnecessary bad-mouthing or words, which is something that every parent needs to keep a check on while their kids are scrounging through the internet.


The growing popularity of Minecraft has paved the way for several game streaming YouTubers. But, finding the ones that are kid-friendly and keeps things PG and easy to understand is important. Hence, picking the right Minecraft YouTuber requires timely research.

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