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Best Paragon Interrupts (& How to Use Them)

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Fixes Renegade and Paragon System

Shepard needs to earn Paragon morality points in Mass Effect 2 to be diplomatic and charming. They can interrupt scenes by taking heroic actions.

The morality interrupt mechanic in Mass Effect is one of the most unique and well-loved features of BioWare’s sci-fi epic, and developers added far more possible Paragon and Renegade interrupts in Mass Effect 3. During cutscenes, Shepard can make a split-second Paragon or Renegade decision to interrupt and often change the course of the scene. When an interrupt is available, players will see the Paragon or Renegade symbol flash on their screen, along with a button prompt to let them know how to take it. They often have only a few seconds to interrupt the scene before the opportunity vanishes. While many fans love and remember the Renegade interrupts from Mass Effect 3, the Paragon interrupts can be inspiring, diplomatic, or outright affectionate and romantic, often leading to moments that are just as memorable.

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Paragon in Mass Effect does not always mean heroic or good, either. There are several violent and threatening Paragon actions, usually when Shepard fiercely defends their squad or takes a firm stance. Many Paragon interrupts are also tied to romances, allowing Shepard to interrupt their paramour with a kiss or other affectionate gesture. Taking Paragon interrupts reward bonus Paragon points toward Shepard’s morality score, often opening more Charm conversation options as a result. Here are the best Paragon interrupts in Mass Effect 3 and when and how to take them.

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Best Paragon Interrupts In Mass Effect 3

The Justicar Samara in Mass Effect 2

The best Paragon interrupts to use in Mass Effect 3 are those that allow Shepard to protect and stand up for squadmates and other NPCs, bond with old friends, inspire galactic citizens, and be affectionate with their love interest. Unlike Paragon interrupts in Mass Effect 2, there are very few interrupts in Mass Effect 3 that have long-term story consequences. There are also more opportunities for Shepard to demonstrate leadership and kindness, as well as more chances to stand up for others without trying to intimidate someone else.

The best Paragon interrupts, and when players encounter them, appear below:

  • Kiss Jack: On the shuttle after saving the Grissom Academy students, if Shepard is in a romance with Jack, he can use a Paragon interrupt to pull Jack in for a kiss. There is a second opportunity to do this when meeting a romanced Jack at Armax Arsenal Arena in the Citadel DLC.
  • Comfort the Reporter: Instead of taking the Renegade interrupt to again punch reporter Khalisah al-Jilani at the Presidium Embassies, Shepard can take a Paragon interrupt during her questioning to calm her down, inspire her to keep asking the hard questions, and urge her not to let the Council forget Earth.
  • Bond with Steve: During both encounters with Steve Cortez on the Citadel, Shepard can take Paragon actions to distract him from dwelling on his grief and reassure him as he says goodbye to his husband at the Memorial Wall. A third and fourth Paragon interrupt appear when Shepard meets Steve at Purgatory, both of which help when triggering a romance with the shuttle pilot.
  • Argue with Blasto: During the Citadel DLC when Shepard goes to meet Javik on set of the Blasto movie, Shepard can take two Paragon interrupts to argue with the hanar action hero, eventually prompting Javik to take action himself.
  • Help Garrus: In the Citdel DLC, Shepard meets Garrus at the Casino on the Silversun Strip. If the two are romantically involved, Shepard can prevent him from tripping during their dance with a Paragon interrupt. If not, Shepard can use a Paragon interrupt to help him successfully flirt with a female turian.
  • Shake Wrex’s Hand: On Tuchanka, before summoning Kalros to attack the Reapers, Wrex will grab Shepard’s hand and commend them as a hero. The Paragon interrupt allows Shepard to return Wrex’s handshake.

Mordin Solus during his loyalty mission in Mass Effect 3
  • Try to stop Mordin: Shepard can use a Paragon interrupt to try and stop Mordin from sacrificing himself on Tuchanka to cure the genophage. While it doesn’t work, Mordin takes the opportunity to reassure Shepard.
  • Stand up for Legion: When Legion joins Shepard and the quarian Admirals in the war room, Admiral Daro’Xen openly discusses studying Legion. Shepard can use a Paragon interrupt to cut her off and stand up for their friend.
  • Convince the Virmire survivor: To avoid more needless violence during Priority: Citadel II, Shepard can use a Paragon interrupt to convince Kaidan or Ashley to trust them regarding Udina.
  • Inspire the crowd: When Shepard meets Javik at the Presidium Embassies, they are interrupted by a few citizens asking Javik about fighting the Reapers in his time. Shepard can stop him from getting too dark with a Paragon interrupt, convincing him to instead inspire the small crowd.
  • Save Samara: During the mission to the Ardat-Yakshi monastery, Shepard can restrain Samara to prevent her from killing herself per the Justicar Code.
  • Comfort Liara: Following Priority: Thessia, Shepard can find Liara in her room and use a Paragon interrupt to reassure her she is not responsible for what happened.
  • Hug Anderson: At the start of Priority: Earth, Shepard will reunite with Captain Anderson in the shuttle. They can take the Paragon interrupt to hug their friend and mentor.

All Paragon interrupts include bonus Paragon points, adding to Shepard’s overall morality score and their Reputation meter.

When an interrupt becomes available, a sound will alert players, and a flashing, blue Paragon symbol will appear on the screen. Next to the symbol, players can see a button prompt, guiding them and informing them how to take the action. On console, it is usually one of the trigger buttons, and on PC, it is usually one of the mouse buttons. If players want to avoid the interrupt, they should allow the Paragon symbol to continue flashing. Once it disappears, the scene continues as normal, and Shepard will not gain any associated Paragon points. Regardless of Shepard’s selected moral alignment, they can take either Paragon or Renegade interrupts as they become available.

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Mass Effect Legendary Edition is available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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