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Best Renegade Interrupts (& How to Use Them)

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Shepard must earn Renegade morality points in Mass Effect 3 to persuade or intimidate NPCs. They can sometimes interrupt a scene with a bold action.

Some of the best parts of Mass Effect Legendary Edition are the interrupts players can take to change the course of certain cutscenes. The interrupts are tied to the Mass Effect Legendary Edition morality system, particularly in Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3. Shepard can become even more ruthless or fiercely protective of their squad in Mass Effect 3 with multiple possible Renegade interrupts to take. Some Renegade interrupts lead to humorous moments and memorable lines of dialogue in Mass Effect 3. Others are more unforgiving, leading Shepard to focus on the goal at any cost, even the lives of trusted allies.

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Renegade in Mass Effect 3 does not always mean negative or needlessly violent, however. Shepard often can take Renegade actions to protect themselves and those they care about or make sound tactical decisions against enemies, including Reapers. They can also use Renegade interrupts to take bold actions in romantic scenes or compete with their squadmates in friendly challenges. Taking Renegade interrupts reward bonus Renegade points toward Shepard’s morality score, often opening more Intimidate conversation options as a result. Here are the best Renegade interrupts in Mass Effect 3 and when and how to take them.

Best Renegade Interrupts In Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Fixes Renegade and Paragon System

The best Renegade interrupts to use in Mass Effect 3 are those that allow Shepard to make smart tactical maneuvers, intimidate or kill formidable enemies, increase the romantic tension, and stand up for their squad. Unlike Renegade interrupts in Mass Effect 2, there are very few interrupts in Mass Effect 3 that have long-term story consequences. There are also more opportunities for Shepard to be outright ruthless, particularly when the opportunity arises to kill current and former squadmates.

The best Renegade interrupts, and when players encounter them, appear below:

  • Cut off Dalatrass Linron: In the war room at the start of Priority: Sur’Kesh, when the salarian Dalatrass finally agrees to release the female krogans, Shepard can cut off her warning about repercussions.
  • Stand up for Liara: When speaking to Liara’s father, Matriarch Aethyta, at Apollo’s Café at the Presidium Commons, Shepard can interrupt Aethyta and declare that nobody will hurt Liara. This impresses Liara’s father and is an especially good interrupt when Shepard is in a romance with Liara.
  • Finish the Toast: At Purgatory on the Citadel, Shepard can meet James Vega at the bar. He will suggest the Commander buy some soldiers a drink in a show of solidarity. Buying the drinks is a Renegade action. Shepard can use a Renegade interrupt to complete the Scottish toast the soldiers start.
  • Punch the Reporter: On the Citadel, when pressed to give another interview, Shepard can punch reporter Khalisah al-Jilani. She will dodge the first interrupt, but the second allows Shepard to land the hit.
  • Spice up the dance with Garrus: During the second half of the Citadel DLC, if Shepard is in a romance with Garrus, he will invite her to the Casino, where they roleplay a first date. During the resulting dance, Shepard can take two Renegade interrupts to make bold moves and get into character.
  • Kill Udina: At the end of Priority: Citadel II, Shepard can shoot Udina, either to prevent Kaidan or Ashley from having to do it, or because Kaidan or Ashley refuse to believe Shepard.
  • Confront Han’Gerrel: After nearly dying on the geth dreadnought, Shepard can confront Han’Gerrel, punch him, and kick him off the Normandy for almost getting the squad killed.

Legion snipes Reapers on the IFF in Mass Effect 2
  • Kill the Reaper on Rannoch: At the end of Priority: Rannoch, Shepard can take a Renegade interrupt to land a final, explosive blow against the creature.
  • Shoot Oriana: During Priority: Horizon, as Shepard confronts Henry Lawson, if they do not take the Charm/Intimidate dialogue options, they can take a Renegade interrupt to shoot Oriana in the leg. This distracts Henry long enough for either Miranda or Shepard to kill him without Miranda also being killed.
  • Threaten Brooks: During the main storyline of the Citadel DLC, in the Archives, Shepard can take three Renegade interrupts to make an increasingly over-the-top threat against Brooks and the mysterious figure.
  • Shoot the Illusive Man: After years of dealing with The Illusive Man’s manipulation, after reaching the Citadel from the beam on Earth, Shepard can confront him. After using the Intimidate dialogue option, Shepard can use a Renegade interrupt to shoot him.
  • Stab Kai Leng: After defeating Kai Leng during Priority: Cerberus Headquarters, when he tries to sneak up on Shepard, the Commander can turn around, break his sword in half, and stab him for a final act of revenge.

All Renegade interrupts include bonus Renegade points, adding to Shepard’s overall morality score.

When an interrupt becomes available, a sound will alert players, and a flashing, red Renegade symbol will appear on the screen. Next to the symbol, players can see a button prompt, guiding them and informing them how to take the action. On console, it is usually one of the trigger buttons, and on PC, it is usually one of the mouse buttons. Players will only have a few seconds to select the interrupt and must act quickly if they want to use it. If they want to avoid the interrupt instead, they should allow the Renegade symbol to continue flashing. Once it disappears, the scene continues as normal, and Shepard will not gain any associated Renegade points.

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Mass Effect Legendary Edition is available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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