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Best Renegade Interrupts (& How to Use Them)

Mass Effect 2 Renegade Interrupt

Shepard needs to earn Renegade morality points in Mass Effect 2 to be more intimidating. They can sometimes interrupt a scene with a bold action.

Some of the best parts of Mass Effect Legendary Edition are the interrupts players can take to change the course of certain cutscenes. The interrupts are tied to the Mass Effect Legendary Edition morality system, particularly in Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3. Starting in Mass Effect 2, every once in a while, during a cutscene, players will see a flashing Paragon or Renegade symbol on their screen along with a button prompt. They have only a few seconds to press the correct button, interrupting NPCs with a bold or heroic action. In Mass Effect 2, Shepard can become the most feared warrior in the galaxy by taking Renegade interrupts.

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Many of the best Renegade interrupts in Mass Effect 2 are humorous or otherwise memorable, allowing Shepard to solve problems using violence. Renegade interrupts aren’t all negative, however. Shepard can sometimes intimidate others for good reason, especially to protect someone else. Taking Renegade interrupts reward bonus Renegade points toward Shepard’s morality score, often opening more Intimidate conversation options as a result. It will also increase the visibility of Shepard’s cybernetics scars. Here are the best Renegade interrupts in Mass Effect 2 and when and how to take them.

Best Renegade Interrupts in Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Fixes Renegade and Paragon System

The best Renegade Interrupts in Mass Effect 2 are those with the strongest implications and consequences. Of the 24 available Renegade interrupts in Mass Effect 2, there are many times Shepard can use violence and threats to solve problems. The ones that stand out tend to be humorous and memorable, effective at getting Shepard what they want, protective, or downright ruthless.

The best Renegade interrupts, and when players encounter them, appear below:

  • Shoot Grunt: After opening Grunt’s tank, when the krogan super soldier attacks and threatens Shepard, they can shoot him several times to get him to stand down. The bullets bounce off him, seeming more of a nuisance than a harm, and the act earns his respect.
  • Burn a Krogan: During Grunt’s Loyalty mission, Grunt: Rite of Passage, Shepard can shoot a pipe to burn the clanspeaker for Clan Weyrloc as he monologues about his plans.
  • Punch the Reporter: On the Citadel, when pressed to give an interview about the events of the final battle in Mass Effect, Shepard can punch reporter Khalisah al-Jilani.
  • Kill a Killer: During Samara’s recruitment mission, Shepard can shoot the asari Eclipse mercenary Elnora, who winds up being the murderer Illium police were after.

Shepard, Grunt, and Jacob on Tuchanka in Mass Effect 2
  • Threaten a Batarian: During Garrus’ recruitment mission, a female Shepard can pull a gun on the Batarian mercenary recruiter after he insinuates Shepard is a stripper.
  • Headbutt a Krogan: During Grunt’s Loyalty mission, Grunt: Rite of Passage, Shepard can headbutt Gatatog Uvenk to establish dominance when he calls Grunt a lie.
  • Protect Legion: During Tali’s Loyalty mission, Tali: Treason, if Shepard brings Legion along as a squadmate, the quarians will draw their guns and aim at Legion. Shepard can stand up to the quarian captain and get him, as well as the guards, to lower their weapons.
  • Send a Merc Down a High-Speed Elevator: During Thane’s recruitment mission, Shepard can push a stubborn Eclipse mercenary out the window after interrogating him.

All Renegade interrupts include bonus Renegade points, adding to Shepard’s overall morality score.

When an interrupt becomes available, a sound will alert players, and a flashing, red Renegade symbol will appear on the screen. Next to the symbol, players can see a button prompt, guiding them and informing them how to take the action. On console, it is usually one of the trigger buttons, and on PC, it is usually one of the mouse buttons. Players will only have a few seconds to select the interrupt and must act quickly if they want to use it. If they want to avoid the interrupt instead, they should allow the Renegade symbol to continue flashing. Once it disappears, the scene continues as normal, and Shepard will not gain any associated Renegade points.

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Mass Effect Legendary Edition is available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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