8 Best See Through Clothes Apps For Android & iPhone (2021)

Best See Through Clothes Apps For Android & iPhone

Have you thought about what if your mobile will become an X-Ray machine and allows you to look through anyone’s clothes? Sounds strange, right? But, you’ll be surprised to know that lots of apps are available for Android & Apple that lets you see through people’s clothes. Although it’s hard to believe that something like that really exists but this isĀ  100% true.

So, if you are getting curious about such applications, then hold your horses and keep on reading to get a rundown of the Best See Through Clothes Apps for Android and iPhone.

Without further ado, let’s get started!!

Best See Through Clothes Apps For Android & iPhone

Before jumping to the list, let us clear the fact that these applications simply create a virtual effect of what someone is wearing underneath the clothes. It is a good way to prank your friends and give them a mini heart attack (obviously in a funny way). Take a look here.

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1. Xray Cloth Scanner Simulator

Let’s unfold the list with the very famous application that must have come across while downloading other apps on Android and iPhone – Xray Cloth Scanner Simulator. This is really a fun app and adds an image of the chest area based on the person’s gender. It would appear that you have clicked a photo of a naked part of your friend but it is totally a prank and is far away from reality.

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2. Xray Ghost Scanner

Counted amongst the Best See Through Clothes Apps for both Android and iOS, Xray ghost scanner uses mobile device sensors to detect the source of ghosts. This is made for the fun purpose only and is a perfect application to prank your friends who usually get afraid of ghosts and horror movies. It is a simple-to-use mobile app that comes with a user-friendly interface.

3. Body Scanner

A fairly popular app available on the Google Play Store, Body Scanner is a great way to prank your friend, especially the female ones. The realistic or life-like images will surely make them believe that your phone has an X-Ray scanner and you have clocked their nudes. What makes them distinctive and unique is their feature to select the torso to add some more real-time effect in the photograph.

4. Super Xray Camera

Unlike other Best See Through Clothes Apps that are offering photographs, the Super Xray Camera app scans in the form of real video, making your prank more realistic and easy to believe in. Launch the app on your mobile device and it automatically starts creating a video with the bone effect to add a realistic touch to your prank. Keep in mind that this app works better on a specific targeted body part.

5. X-Ray Photo Editor Effect

This is a free app available on the Google Play Store and can simply turn your Android device into an X-Ray scanner to prank your near and dear ones. It applies magic photo editing effects to make the result more realistic. This is the best app to convert your photos into X-Rays. With a simple interface, one can use this app easily and edit shapes and colors in a few taps.

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6. Cloth Scanner Simulator

The app of Cloth Scanning Simulator creates the effect of scanning clothes with HD photos. This gives you different options to select from like selecting a gender or the part of the body you want to scan. Its library is loaded with tons of pictures of bikini models and male models. It simply scans the person’s body structure and adds the body picture of the model that is the closest match to the body, making it more realistic to believe.

7. Sexy Booth Free Makes You Hot

One of the Best See Through Clothes Apps to add to your collection is the Sexy Booth Free Makes You Hot. Ideally designed for iOS, this app works by replacing the body parts of the person with a male or a female model to prank your friends. It can also make your male friend look like having six-pack abs and a charming figure. All and all, it ensures you a more realistic experience and that too at free of cost.

8. Audrey Body Scanner Camera Prank

Last but not least X-Ray scanner app is the Audrey Body Scanner Camera Prank. This is new women dress remover app that replaces the body part of your female friends with the body of the female model to prank them. This free Android mobile application lets you scan 3D images and gives nude model pictures to surprise your friends. The images are realistic in that they keep your eyes wide open for a longer time and make anyone believe in the same.

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The Bottom Line

So, these are some of the funniest and Best See Through Clothes Apps to try out in 2021. Download them on your Android or Apple device and prank your friend to enjoy some moments of naughtiness. Don’t worry about these applications as these are meant for entertainment purposes only and will never export any real photographs on an unauthorized platform.

To know more about such entertaining applications, keep visiting us regularly.

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