7 Best Shaders for Minecraft Bedrock Edition to Try in 2021

A Guide To The Best Shaders for Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Looking for the Best Shaders for Minecraft Bedrock Edition? Congratulations, your search ends here!! We have compiled a list of the 7 best Minecraft shaders for the players to try out in 2021.

Minecraft is one of the famous gaming platforms to entertain gamers worldwide. This is loaded with a variety of shaders to add a thrill to the game and change the viewpoint of the player. It can take the gameplay experience to a whole different level and make it seem more realistic or life-like.

However, tons of Minecraft shader options are available over the web, and filtering out the best option can be easier said than done. Therefore, to make things simple and sound, we have brought to you a list of the Best Shaders for Minecraft Bedrock Edition to choose from. Pick any of them and give your game a whole new twist.

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A Guide To The Best Shaders for Minecraft Bedrock Edition

There is no second opinion in the fact that these Minecraft shaders add different shades to the game and offer an exciting gaming experience to the players. But with the variety of options available, choosing the best among the rest might be challenging.

But don’t you worry about it as we are here to assist. Scroll down the page to the end and find out a rundown of the best Minecraft shaders you can go for.

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Let’s get started!!

1. BSL

Let’s start with the cult-favorite option which is none other than the BSL. This shader gives some of the best gaming visuals without causing the game to lag. It comes with a special effect of lightning which is very refreshing and calming and the water looks so realistic.

This shader pack is created with high customization and optimization to keep the player entertained. In addition to the water and volumetric lights, it also features real-time shadows, built-in anti-aliasing, ambient occlusion, bloom, and cloud. Gamers can easily customize this shader for personal use.

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Counted amongst the best Shaders for Minecraft Bedrock Edition, SEUS is created to make the game look bonafide. Also known as Sonic Ether’s Unbelievable Shader (SEUS), this shade pack is to be used GSL or optifine shaders mod.

Moreover, it brings you quality visuals with a great performance using traditional rasterization-based rendering methods. It makes the rain look life-like as if the player is standing outside and enjoying the showers. This also gives an amazing lightning tone to the game that players might not get in any other shader.

It is available in both the new and old versions. Players can either choose the legacy version of traditional SEUS or go for the latest version of SEUS Renewed.


A realistic shader exclusively designed for Minecraft, EBIN focuses on clouds and the sky. This add-on brings several improvements to the game and lets you achieve the most favorable outcome you are waiting for. It is developed entirely by BruceKnowsHow and features global illumination, motion blur, procedural 2D clouds, sunlight shadows, terrain deformation, and a lot more to enthrall the players.

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4. Olesik Shader

Do you have a week or conventional PC? Well, in that case, this Olesik Shader might be the right option for you. With this shader pack, players who don’t have a system with powerful specs can also enjoy color visuals and different shades while playing Minecraft.

Listed among the Best Shaders for Minecraft Bedrock Edition, it includes plant movements, beautiful sky, shadows, clouds, rain effects, fog, water, and many more things to count.

5. projectLUMA

The next best option that you cannot afford to overlook is none other than projectLUMA. A well-known shader pack for Java Minecraft BE, this is capable of transforming skies and makes the sun emits the Godrays. It is an official successor of the KUDA shader and is originally designed for Minecraft Shader Mod. It also features motion blur and ambient occlusion.

If you are playing Minecraft on the lower-end PC and still looking for fascinating visuals, then this shader pack might be the best bet for you.

6. Nostalgia

As its name suggests, this option is meant to replicate the look and feel of first-gen shader packs while adding new features and visuals. It is compatible with Windows and Linux and works well with OptiFine 1.12 or newer. This is an ideal choice for those who love playing the traditional version of the Minecraft game while enjoying the latest updates.

7. Chocapic’s13 Shader

Do you love beautiful landscapes? If yes, then here is an option for you – Chocapic’s13 Shader. With phenomenal lighting and water effects, this shader pack will take you to another world. Packed with sheer quality and utmost performance, it isn’t that tough on gamers’ systems and offers the ultimate gaming experience without any lag.

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To Wrap Up

Thanks for reading!!

This is all about the list of the 7 Best Shaders for Minecraft Bedrock Edition to try out in 2021. Hope you’ve enjoyed reading the guide. Pick any of these shader packs and enjoy Minecraft like never before. All of them offer multiple features and great performance without causing any lag.

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