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Big Ed Doesn’t Think Colt & Vanessa Last Longer Than 6 Months

Big Ed Single Life Tell All

Big Ed is the last person who should pass judgment, but the reality TV star thinks Colt and Vanessa’s relationship is doomed from the start.

Big Ed recently fired shots at Colt Johnson, proving that 90 Day Fiancé fans aren’t the only ones who are critical of cast members. Colt and Vanessa recently got engaged on 90 Day: The Single Life, and many viewers have questioned the durability of their relationship. Even Colt’s Single Life castmate Big Ed thinks the relationship has an expiration date, and he didn’t hesitate to express his opinion in a recent interview. 

Colt spent the bulk of the season pursuing his long-time friend (and sometimes lover) Vanessa, and convincing her to be his girlfriend. The couple has considerable issues to overcome—Colt has a history of cheating and many fans feel he makes unreasonable demands of Vanessa. But despite their many issues, Colt and Vanessa got engaged in the finale of The Single Life. The next episode will be a Tell All featuring the entire cast, and from the looks of the promos, things got heated between Colt and Big Ed.

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It would seem that Big Ed has joined the ranks of Colt’s many critics. In a recent interview with Us Weekly, he commented that he doesn’t think Colt’s relationship with Vanessa will last. I have a six-month wager on that,” Ed remarked, revealing that the Tell-All episode will be explosive. “My feelings on that is he’s an interesting character,” Ed said. “We didn’t get along at all—big surprise—and his mom almost, like, wanted to jump out of her chair and smack me around, but I wish anyone success in a relationship.

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Ed also shared his reasoning behind why he thinks Colt’s relationship is doomed. “I have this belief that things always end as they begin, and it started out with both of them cheating on each other,” Ed explained. “And I just don’t think it’s a good situation. I’m an architect; when you build a house, you start with the weak foundation and the house is going to fall down. So, I wish them luck. I hope they can find happiness for their sake. But I don’t know. Let’s wait and see.

It’s a bit surprising to see Big Ed being so judgmental of other peoples’ relationships given his own problematic dating history. Ed likes to date much younger women, and that age gap puts him in a similar situation of having a “weak foundation” when starting his relationships. People from glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, and right now Ed is surrounded by shattered glass. He’s not really in any position to judge Colt’s relationship based on his own spotty past.

Colt has his fair share of relationship regrets, however, the 90 Day Fiancé star seems to be earnest in his love for Vanessa. There are definitely questions surrounding their relationship, but it’s pretty harsh to be making bets on how long the couple will last. Ed’s “wager” is in very poor taste, as he could have just wished Colt and Vanessa well and not passed judgment. Ed is calling the kettle black when he criticizes the relationships of others, and clearly viewers are in for a tense Tell-All.

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