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Big Ed Says His Relationship With Liz Moved ‘Too Fast’

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Big Ed recently said that though he moved “too fast” in his relationship with Liz, things between them are salvageable. Liz clearly feels differently.

As the first season of 90 Day: The Single Life wraps up, Big Ed has gained new insight into his relationship with Liz and why things haven’t been going well. Ed has always sabotaged himself by dating younger women, and Liz was no different. Although Big Ed claims to have clarity, fans are more confused than ever, as his take on his relationship status doesn’t match what Liz has been saying. Ed definitely pushed his relationship with Liz too far too fast, and it’s unclear if the couple is still together.

Liz was very resistant when Big Ed began pursuing her on the 90 Day Fiancé spin-off, but eventually, she agreed to be his girlfriend. Still, their relationship was rocky from the start, as Liz seemed to want to take things slow while Ed wanted to move at breakneck speeds. Though they’re still together on the show, Liz recently spoiled their story on Instagram with a pretty clear breakup post. Fans weren’t surprised to hear Liz had called it quits, but a recent interview with Big Ed suggests that the couple may still be together.

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In an interview with Us Weekly, Big Ed spoke about his relationship status and why things went wrong with Liz. We’re in a rough spot right now, and we’re kind of working through [it],” Ed commented. Ed explained that Liz had gotten out of her last relationship just two weeks before dating him and that “the biggest hurdle in our relationship is we both moved too fast.” He said he pushed the relationship along because he was “excited just to have a girlfriend.

Although many fans think Ed and Liz’s romance was staged for the show, Big Ed said “I really was [in love with her]and I still am.” Big Ed’s sentiments are nice, but they don’t seem to match what fans have seen on the show. In the interview, Ed claims he and Liz were “glued at the hip with each other,” however, on the most recent episode of The Single Life, Ed complains to Liz that she doesn’t make him a priority or spend enough time with him. 

Big Ed commented, We have a lot to work on. We talked about getting counseling. We talked about going to church. So I’m very optimistic. I want to give this a chance and see it through.” He makes it seem as though the couple is struggling but still together. But Liz has made it very clear how she feels about Ed and has spoken about his dark side on social media. The previews for the upcoming Tell All episode also make it seem like there is bad blood between Liz and Ed, so his comments in the interview implying their relationship is salvageable feel questionable.

90 Day: The Single Life isn’t over yet, so there’s still time for a surprise. Big Ed and Liz’s relationship status changes depending on who is commenting. Liz seems done with her much older ex-boyfriend, but Ed clearly still thinks there’s hope. Fans have been out on this relationship from the jump, so news of them being done for good is sure to be met with relief. Most viewers would like nothing more than to see these two go their separate ways, and, despite what Big Ed said in his recent interview, it looks like the couple has split.

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Source: Us Weekly 

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