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Big Ed’s Mayo Hair Treatment Tried & Reviewed By Fans

Big Ed 90 Day Fiance Mayo Hair

Big Ed’s mayo hair mask disgusted viewers, but some curious fans tried it for themselves. How effective was the Blake Lively-approved hair treatment?

Long before fans were turned off by Big Ed’s manscaping on 90 Day: The Single Life, they were roasting him for using mayonnaise as a hair mask. But now, they’re starting to reconsider his unconventional beauty treatment. Viewers were grossed out at first, until some of them tried it. The results spoke for themselves and, although the rest of Big Ed’s behavior infuriates fans, his hair care routine has been redeemed.

Big Ed has most recently been exploring a relationship with his (now former) girlfriend Liz. But before that, he appeared on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, where he considered starting the K-1 visa process with his then-girlfriend, Rose Vega. Before Ed traveled to the Philippines to meet Rose in person for the first time, he wanted to spruce himself up to impress her. Fans were revolted to learn that to keep his long black locks smooth and shiny, Big Ed uses mayonnaise as a hair treatment.

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Though many fans were disgusted by the mayo hair mask, some were curious about whether it actually worked. One Redditor gave it a try and, though their hair afterward was “super shiny super soft and way more smooth,” the smell was overpowering. Some fans were still incredulous, but others pointed out that some of the main ingredients in mayo—mainly eggs and oil—are beneficial to stressed out hair. There were many fans who reported trying out the mayo mask, but for most of them, the smell was a dealbreaker.

The mayo hair mask is one of Bid Ed’s signature quirks. However, he isn’t wrong to use the sandwich accouterment for beauty purposes. According to Byrdie, the egg yolks in mayo contain nourishing vitamins A, E, D, biotin, fatty acids, and folate, as well as amino acids that are important for hair growth. There is also olive oil that helps smooth out hair, and vinegar that helps balance pH levels on your scalp. The beauty publication also reports that actress Blake Lively has been using mayo on her long blonde hair for years.

There may be legitimate science behind the mayo mask, but for most fans, the 90 Day: The Single Life star’s beauty treatment is one of Big Ed’s most cringeworthy moments. Still, curious fans have found that, though Big Ed is woefully misguided in many areas, his hair care routine is weird but effective. There’s a lot to criticize about Big Ed (his treatment of his exes, fetishizing younger women, and narcissism, to name a few), but his mayo hair treatment is actually a solid choice.

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Source: Reddit, Byrdie

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