Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 13th April 2021 Episode Nominations Voting Trends Written Updates

bigg boss malayalam 3 Today's Episode

The reality show Bigg Boss has been in the limelight and talks of people of India ever since it debuted a decade ago. The extraordinary contestants have also been the most important part of the reality show. Their way of living and habits are completely exposed to the whole country when they are locked for multiple weeks within the same house with their fellow competitors i.e the other members of the house.

bigg boss malayalam 3 13th April 2021

Talking about the trending show, Bigg Boss Malayalam is all prepared to enter into its 9th week in which it was clearly seen that the contestant Remya Panicker and Feroz Khan will be seen indulging in an heated argument during the next task which is going to take place in the coming week. In the past weeks, two can be seen involving in an argument and Feroz blackmailing Remya by saying that he’s going to revealthe personal things of Remya to which she responded that what he was waiting for now and not doing the said task.

Bigg Boss 3 Episode 13-4-2021

Even after saying it earlier, Feroz can be spotted to be completely silent during the whole argument and was just seen to listening all the allegations and comments which were being targeted at them. The coming week also has many more challenges and a new game of ranking is going to be introduced within the house. Contestants would be seen offering themselves a position in the ramp and the other fellow contestants would be seen rationalising the position. Feroz Khan contests to be offered the first position while Anoop can be seen requesting for the 5th position.

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Bigg Boss Malayalam has also been highlighted with the quality of contestants and their entertaining nature. The trp of the programme can be seen high as usual as the time of the telecast of the show arrives. There has been a huge impact on the show with the quality of the host , who manages the whole show on weekends and on a normal basis. It is also one of the most important parts of the show hence needs to be taken very seriously and with a whole lot of responsibility.

The main host of the show Mr. Mohanlal has been missing due to a medical issue from the show. There has not been any eviction last week and contestant named Ramzan Muhammad has won the captaincy task in the last episode and and he would definitely be the next captain of the house.

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