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Biomutant: How to Fast Travel (Waypoint Locations)

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Activating waypoints in Biomutant is critical for maximizing the ability to fast-travel from one location to another. This guide explains how.

Biomutant features one of the biggest and most fully realized open worlds of the current generation of video games. The world is so vast that simply walking from one end to the other is probably not a great idea. However, it is possible to unlock a means of fast travel that will allow the main character to move quickly between waypoints.

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Being able to travel between these waypoints is vital for speeding up traversal times between quests. However, what do these waypoints look like, and how are they used? This quick guide provides all of the details.

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How to Fast Travel in Biomutant

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As players make their way through the incredibly lush environments of the post-apocalyptic landscape of Biomutant, they will spot interesting-looking signposts. These tallish structures with yellow flags are littered all over the world. However, they’re relatively narrow, and if the player doesn’t pay attention, it is possible to walk right on by them. To activate one, the player simply needs to walk over to it and press the interact button. A silly animation will play that has the player’s character pee on the signpost, thereby “marking” the location. From that point on, it’s possible to fast travel to that waypoint.

All a player needs to do is open up the menu and tab over to the map screen. Navigate around the screen until one of the waypoints is highlighted, and then press the interaction button again. Within a few seconds, the game will zip the player to the designated location, ready to keep exploring the world.

It’s an extremely useful feature to have, so making sure to pee on every signpost is an important process in exploring all that the game world has to offer. There are signposts all over the map, and usually at important waypoints and locations that players will want to revisit often. It makes navigating back to places critical to the storyline a lot more convenient for those players not interested in getting lost in the detailed overworld map. Keep in mind that fast traveling only works from the overworld map. If currently inside of a building or other structure, the player will not be able to zoom to a waypoint. Instead, they’ll need to head outside before making the quick trip to a new destination.

Biomutant is an ambitious project from THQ Nordic, one that has some incredible highs and truly creative ideas. Though activating signposts might not be the most innovative of features, it’s a critical one that makes the vast world of the game more accessible.

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Biomutant is available on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

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