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Black Widow’s Red Room Organization is Trying to Turn She-Hulk Evil

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In a new preview for Marvel Comics’ Avengers #47, She-Hulk will still be in the clutches of the Winter Guard, and the Red Room threatens to turn her.

In a new preview for Marvel Comics’ upcoming arc of Avengers, Black Widow’s Red Room will be trying to corrupt She-Hulk. Part of the World War She-Hulk event coming this summer, the Red Room and Winter Guard will apparently be seeking to add gamma power to their ranks with Jennifer Walters, though teasers have shown that she’s clearly not interested in working for the Russian organization. The Red Rood is the brutal and merciless training facility that has produced Widows such as Natasha Romanov and Yelena Belova, but it now seems to have its sights set on turning She-Hulk red in spite of her green skin.

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Recent issues of Avengers have seen She-Hulk doing her part alongside Earth’s Mightiest Heroes through all sorts of major conflicts. In the battle with Moon Knight’s Khonshu the Moon God, Jennifer was temporarily given the powers of the Iron Fist. Likewise, the recent Phoenix Tournament saw the hero as one of its contenders, adding a portion of the Phoenix’s fire to her own already impressive strength. Additionally, she displayed a willingness to kill the power-hungry King of Atlantis Namor during the tournament, as he was definitely the last person the Avengers wanted to become the new Phoenix.

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Now, Jennifer Walters will be taking center stage in World War She-Hulk, seeing her being held hostage by the Winter Guard, Russia’s team of heroes featuring the likes of the Red Widow, Red Guardian, and more. However, the newly revealed preview for Avengers #47 reveals that the Red Room will be trying to do more than just capture She-Hulk as the event continues. Here’s the synopsis and cover art, courtesy of Marvel’s new August solicitations:

  • AVENGERS #47
  • (W) Jason Aaron
  • (A/CA) Javier Garron.
  • “WORLD WAR SHE-HULK” Rages On!
  • The Red Room is the secret furnace where some of the world’s greatest assassins and super-killers have been forged. And now She-Hulk is its newest recruit. As the Avengers race to rescue Jen Walters from the Russian Winter Guard, is it too late to save She-Hulk…from going red?


It seems as though the Avengers will be taking the fight to the Winter Guard on their home turf in Russia, seeing as how the cover art from Javier Garron sees the heroes wearing white and most likely winterized versions of their costumes. Additionally, literal black widow spiders are depicted crawling all over She-Hulk’s face, most likely indicating that Jennifer is in danger of being corrupted by the Red Room as the synopsis also suggests.

In any case, the Red Room and its Winter Guard should not be underestimated in the slightest. After all, it was the institution that made Natasha Romanov the highly effective spy and assassin she is today as the Black Widow in the Marvel Universe (not to mention the White and Red Widows). Here’s hoping the Avengers will be able to save She-Hulk in time before the world is introduced into a whole new kind of Widow: a Red She-Hulk.

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