‘Blood of Zeus’ Tells a New Type of Greek Myth

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Because the god of the sky and king of the numerous gods that lived on Mount Olympus, Zeus was essentially the most highly effective god in Greek mythology, known as on by each mortals and the divine in the event that they wanted assist. Zeus was historically married to the Goddess Hera, however he’s additionally well-known for his many, many erotic dalliances with people and animals that took his fancy.

His escapades led to Zeus having a prolonged checklist of offspring, lots of whom have been divine themselves or have been mortals with god-like skills. A few of Zeus’ notable little kids embody Athena, goddess of conflict, Dionysius, god of wine and merrymaking, Helen of Troy, essentially the most lovely girl on the planet who sparked the legendary battle of Troy, and King of Crete, Minos, who went on to change into a choose of the lifeless within the underworld.

So far as the unique Greek myths go nevertheless, there’s no report of Zeus ever having a son named Heron. However whereas the principle character in Blood of Zeus could also be a product of the creators’ imaginations, Heron’s competition with Hera is probably going drawn from the unique myths as lots of them depict Hera being wildly jealous of Zeus’ many amorous exploits and infrequently taking revenge for his infidelity.

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