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Bri Springs Shares What Upset Her Mom From Watching The Show

Bri Springs on The Bachelor season 25

Bri Springs revealed the one thing she said during Matt James’ season of The Bachelor that left her mother feeling “really sad.”

Bri Springs revealed the exact moment on Matt James’ season of The Bachelor that made her mother Lauren Stoppelbein feel “really sad” while watching the show. The fans got to know Bri during night one of Matt’s season, and many fell in love with her instantly. Still, just like any other season of the Bachelor Nation franchise, sometimes the series takes its time with certain contestants that end up going all the way to the end. When it comes to Bri, her journey was certainly a bit of a slower burn for the viewers to follow along.

And yet, Bri Spring did get to the very end of The Bachelor season 25, and even partook in one of the Fantasy Suite dates with Matt James. By the time Matt narrowed down his options to the season’s final three, the fans were already deeply invested in Bri’s journey. Unfortunately, however, Matt did decide to eliminate Bri from the show at that point, instead moving forward with finalists Rachael Kirkconnell and Michelle Young. As a consequence, some fans called for Bri to be considered as a lead for an upcoming cycle of The Bachelorette.

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Now, The Bachelor finalist Bri Springs revealed that her mother got “really sad” about one specific thing that she heard Bri say on the show. As seen in the video below, Bri was the latest person to get interview by Mike Johnson and Bryan Abasolo on their visual podcast Talking It Out. According to Bri, her mom, Lauren Stoppelbein, was specifically stung by Bri’s story in the first episode about feeling “isolated” in her life. Alas, Bri explained that she also called herself “selfish” for feeling that type of isolation, but since the show cut off that part, her mother felt rather upset to hear what Bri appeared to have said on TV.

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Nonetheless, Bri Springs learned a very valuable lesson from this particular experience on The Bachelor: that “there is nothing weak about being vulnerable and being open.” She is now less scared about sharing those different parts to her identity and story, even if watching her mom get that way was initially hurtful to both of them. Talking It Out co-hosts Bryan Abasolo and Mike Johnson nodded when she said that, and also agreed with her. All three of them have had interesting experiences during and after their Bachelor Nation journeys, so they could relate to what Bri was saying on a very honest level.

Bri Springs wasn’t chosen to lead a season of The Bachelorette in 2021, but many fans consider her a shoo-in for the next season of Bachelor In Paradise if she still happens to be single when that cycle starts filming. As for The Bachelor series, after what was a very tumultous time for Matt James and everyone else involved in season 25, the producers are still coming to grips with how they’ll be moving forward with season 26.

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