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Brian Terwilliger Interview: D&D Live 2021 On G4

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VP of Programming and Creative Strategy at G4 Brian Terwilliger talked to Screen Rant about D&D Live 2021 and the upcoming D&D TV shows on G4.

Dungeons & Dragons is making the jump to TV, as the revived G4 is partnering with Wizards of the Coast on D&D content this year, starting with D&D Live 2021 in July. D&D Live 2021 will feature two days of events, including special announcements about future content and two D&D games with star-studded casts.

Launching in summer 2021, the new iteration of G4 will exist as both a digital network and a TV channel. Shows like Ninja WarriorAttack of the Show!, and X-Play will be part of the revived brand, along with a show hosted by WWE superstar Xavier Woods. As of yet, no concrete launch date has been given.

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This will also be the first time G4 includes tabletop RPG content in its lineup, thanks to the Wizards of the Coast partnership. D&D Live 2021 will be broadcast on the G4 network from July 16 to 17. This will be followed by four original G4 limited-run campaign series in the fall. Screen Rant spoke to VP of Programming and Creative Strategy at G4 Brian Terwilliger about the upcoming D&D content on the network.

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What can you tell us about D&D Live 2021? How will it differ from the interactive event held in 2020?

D&D Live has been an awesome event over the past few years. What G4 is going to bring to the table is a focus on comedy and entertainment and really look to elevate the event and bring more eyeballs to D&D Live. Our goal and objective is to make the product more accessible by heightening the entertainment and ultimately bringing more fans into the tent that is D&D.

What can you tell us about the D&D TV shows that will be broadcast in the fall?

No details just yet. Wizards of the Coast and G4 are very excited about what our partnership will bring to the industry by giving the genre a regular heartbeat on our network.

What led to G4 partnering with Wizards of the Coast on D&D programming? 

At the end of the day, we are all huge fans of D&D, and it simply made too much sense. Tabletop RPG play is a cornerstone to pop/geek culture and has been on a meteoric rise as of late. Bring G4’s focus on comedy and entertainment to the table, and we have a very special/unique opportunity to continue the evolution and elevation of roleplaying content.

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Tabletop gaming streaming shows have become incredibly popular online, but this is the first time this format will be shown on TV. How will the upcoming programming be tailored for a TV network?

As with all of G4’s content, we’re listening to our audience and being very careful to tailor all of our content for the platform fans are consuming it. Our digital offerings will obviously have a more interactive baseline, allowing G4 fans to impact the content in real time. [Our TV offerings] will inherently evoke a more leaned-back experience where we can focus on the improv, comedy, and overall entertainment our cast is unleashing on our TVs. This is how we will engage the theater of the mind and open up the accessibility of the format, bringing new fans to the genre.

D&D as a game tends to vary widely in how it’s played. There are some groups that love comedy and humor, while others prefer more dramatic stories. What kind of tone do you want for the upcoming D&D programming on G4? 

Can’t say too much yet on the final form of the multi-part series, but we are super excited to fully explore the dynamic storytelling that D&D provides. At the end of the day, our goal is to entertain and engage. We can’t wait to get to it.

Will the upcoming D&D programming be targeted at the existing fanbase or a brand-new audience that might not be familiar with the game? 

As mentioned above, we’re excited to bring forth a product that not only excites classic fans of the genre but also helps grow the audience at large, bringing more fans to tabletop RPGs. G4’s tone is inherently a perfect fit to broaden the appeal of such fandoms, raising awareness and excitement to a whole new level.

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D&D Live 2021 will be streamed on July 16 and 17, 2021.

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