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Call of Duty May Be Adding John Rambo As A Character, Per Fan Theories

Call of Duty Warzone John Rambo

Call of Duty developer shares a couple of intriguing tweets, outright suggesting that none other than John Rambo might be joining Warzone action soon.

The developers of Call of Duty have played mind games with the community in the past, but these recent ones have ignited fans’ speculations and theories that none other than John Rambo himself is preparing to make a guest appearance in Warzone. If true, it’d be perfectly fitting in the recent 80s makeover of Verdansk, the game’s main playable map.

Warzone’s Verdansk was recently destroyed in a nuke event that put an end to zombie infestation. But rather than allow players to compete in the nuclear wasteland, the developers took the action back into 1984 to finalize the game’s integration with Black Ops Cold War. As the result, the 80s version of Verdansk appeared to be different from what players were used to, offering brand new areas to explore and updating familiar territories. Interestingly, the Cold War-era surprises might not be ending here.

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On Twitter, the official Call of Duty account has left a couple of intriguing tweets suggesting that the iconic John Rambo character might be coming to Warzone. First up, an image containing exceptional stats by someone called SURVIVORJOHN#1009062 appeared, stirring up players’ interest. These are actually Rambo’s stats as the 80s action hero was featured in five movies successively killing 552 opponents during seven hours of screen time. Right after that, Call of Duty’s Twitter shared someone else’s post that suggested the devs would add some legendary 80s action heroes including Rambo, Terminator, Chuck Norris, and even the A-Team. Since the retweet was topped with a “Thinking face” emote, it was already enough to sparkle up fans’ credible theories that the violent John Rambo himself is on his way to join the new Warzone map set in the 80s. For now, obviously, this is just speculation, so take it with a grain of salt.

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While the drastic change of setting effectively served as a breath of fresh air for Warzone overwhelmed with content from two modern Call of Duty titles, the exciting seasonal event also introduced numerous bugs and glitches to Warzone. The updated version of Verdansk seems to be infested with texture glitches, and while Raven Software successfully fixes an annoying exploit, another one is being immediately discovered by players after that.

Since Warzone has already adopted Fortnite’s tradition of updating battle royale maps via seasonal events, nothing is surprising in inheriting another successful feature that is crossover characters. Moreover, the 80s setting offers perfect opportunities to feature iconic action heroes from that particular era, and they won’t be out of place considering Warzone’s signature military mayhem. The silver lining to John Rambo’s fan theory is the fact it’s been officially teased by developers rather than uncovered by dataminers, which makes the addition of the iconic character far more likely than not.

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