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Carnage Reveals The Most Horrifying Secret of Comic-Con

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In the latest issue of Carnage: Black, White, and Blood, Cletus Kasady visits Comic-Con, and things take a very dark turn including cult sacrifices.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Carnage: Black, White & Blood #3, “The Convention”

In the latest issue of Carnage: Black, White & Blood from Marvel Comics, Cletus Kasady surprisingly visits Comic-Con, revealing a truly dark and horrifying secret. Hiding in plain sight, Carnage is actually cosplaying as himself (not unlike when actor Bryan Cranston wore a Walter White mask to Comic-Con), and he’s seen walking the convention floor while taking photos with young fans (though it’s pretty disturbing that such a vicious serial killer has fans to begin with). In any case, things take a dark turn when Carnage is pulled into a secret room at Comic-Con where a dark ritual is taking place.

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Marvel’s Carnage: Black, White & Blood is a dynamic anthology series, following in the footsteps of the acclaimed Wolverine series of the same name. Now, this new issue features three short stories from a variety of amazing writers and artists. While the first sees a haunted survivor of a Carnage attack, the second imagines Carnage and Venom dueling as pirates. However, the final story is titled “The Convention,” coming from writer Alyssa Wong and artist Gerardo Sandoval.

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After enjoying said problematic fame, Carnage is approached by a hooded figure who takes him to a secret room where other Carnage cosplayers are awaiting an initiation. Apparently, these hooded figures are none other than the Cult of Carnage, seeking to summon the symbiote serial killer they revere so much by sacrificing these initiates. However, they aren’t counting on Carnage himself already being at the convention. While Carnage is flattered by the love and adoration, he’s disgusted that his supposed followers can’t tell the real Carnage from cosplay. Furthermore, he’s also glad that they don’t try to summon the Symbiote God Knull himself, claiming that their current efforts are just downright embarrassing. As a result, he slaughters all of the cultists (though he does let the other cosplayers live).

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While Comic-Con is all about fans coming together, celebrating geek culture, and dressing up as the iconic characters they love, Carnage has certainly taken it to a whole new level, albeit an extremely dark and horrifying one. While these particular members of the Cult of Carnage are no more (ironically thanks to Carnage himself), it’s doubtful that the cult is fully destroyed. This short story has made it clear that Carnage certainly has his following in spite of his dark and terrible actions. Admittedly, it’s not unlike real-life serial killers like Ted Bundy, who indeed had his own fans.

Thankfully, cults operating within Comic-Cons are not a real world problem attendees have to worry about, but it’s pretty funny that not even Carnage is interested in dealing with them. Armed with his Spider-Man tote bag, floor map, and Carnage cosplay disguise, it looks like Cletus wants to enjoy Comic-Con just as much as any other attendee. All in all, it’s a pretty entertaining story featuring one of the most vicious villains in the Marvel Universe, and it’s going to be interesting to see what else is in store with future issues of Carnage: Black, White & Blood from Marvel Comics.

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