Chet Hanks Is No Stranger to Backlash for His Behavior

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In 2020, Chet was known as out as soon as once more for talking Patois utilizing a pressured Jamaican accent greater than as soon as. He did it on social media when he gave a shout out to his dad on the Golden Globes and he has been heard utilizing the accent on and off and plenty of have accused him of cultural appropriation due to it. He has even written Instagram captions in a solution to counsel Patois.

After doing it once more on the social media app Clubhouse, Chet defended his actions as soon as once more.

“Guys, it’s actually so simple as this, if I get on a binge and I watch a bunch of English gangster films, and I’m going round ordering a espresso at Starbucks and I’m with my good friend and I’m going, ‘Give me a latte, guvna,’ I’m not s–tting on English individuals,” he mentioned on the app.

However, as to be anticipated, loads of individuals have taken to Clubhouse and now Twitter to talk out in opposition to Chet’s blatantly insensitive selection of phrases and his use of Patois. One person known as it “verbal blackface,” whereas one other known as Chet’s actions “white privilege in motion” and identified how “clueless” he was to the problem at hand.

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