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Cinderella 2021 Movie Image Reveals Billy Porter As Fairy Godmother

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A first-look image of Billy Porter as the new Fairy Godmother from the upcoming Cinderella reboot, releasing exclusively on Amazon Prime, is here.

A first look at Billy Porter as the Fairy Godmother from the upcoming Cinderella movie has just been revealed. Cinderella will be an Amazon Prime Original from writer-director, Kay Cannon, who wants to modernize the classic tale. The film will be a jukebox musical, using pop songs to fill out its soundtrack. Singer Camila Cabello will play the titular role with Nicholas Galitzine playing Prince Robert. Pose‘s Billy Porter will star as the iconic Fairy Godmother.

Porter intends to reinvent this role by providing a fresh take on the classic character. In this new film, his persona will be known as the Fab G. Cannon specifically cast Porter to help modernize the character and says that she wrote the role specifically with the actor in mind. Porter is known for his lavish, gender-bending fashion and colorful personality. Therefore, the Fab G is likely to be the same.

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Now, EW has shared a new image of what Porter will look like as the Fab G in the upcoming film. The costume is very extravagant and makes a bold statement. It looks like something Porter himself would actually wear on the red carpet, which is likely the intent, since the role is based on his real-life personality. Check out the first-look photo below:

There have been a number of Cinderella movies over the years starring celebrities from Brandy, to Hillary Duff, and now to Camila Cabello. This version looks to be quite different from the others, since it will be relying on established pop music. This will also be the first time the Fairy Godmother will be played by a man, as the role is typically given to a woman. It is these differences that may make this movie something special and unique, which is a benefit since there have been so many Cinderella stories released already.

Cinderella was originally going to be a theatrical release, but it was recently changed to be a Prime-exclusive, which means people will only be able to watch it on the streaming service. This film could possibly add to Amazon’s growing list of high-quality original offerings in an effort to increase the number of Prime subscribers. If this film turns out to be a hit, there could be multiple sequels announced in the very near future.

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Source: EW

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