Clare Crawley’s Season of ‘The Bachelorette’ Is Full of Drama (Obviously)

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Clare Crawley waited a very long time for the possibility to guide her personal season of The Bachelorette and now that it’s right here, she has had loads to take care of. Sadly, the least of it’s her age, because the oldest Bachelorette up to now. Clearly she is aware of this and she or he did not should be reminded of that reality, however within the season trailer, somebody referred to as Clare the oldest Bachelorette in an effort to insult her.

Afterward, Clare directed her phrases to the digital camera and mentioned, “I do not care what I’ve completed. To sit down there and say ‘You are the oldest Bachelorette,’ guess what? I am the oldest Bachelorette that is 39, that is standing right here, that is single, as a result of I did not accept males like that!”

Whereas the trailer would not make it clear who says it, likelihood is, it would not go down properly.

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