Confused About ‘Mile 22’? Here’s a Breakdown of the Ending (SPOILERS)

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Spoiler Alert: This text accommodates huge spoilers for Mile 22.

Initially launched in 2018, Peter Berg’s Mile 22 is now streaming on Netflix and has change into one of many platform’s hottest new releases. Starring Mark Wahlberg as CIA area operative James Silva, the action-packed spy film follows James and his crew Overwatch.

The plot revolves round James and the crew transporting a high-value goal to an airstrip 22 miles away from the U.S. embassy within the fictional Indocarr. 

However simply when audiences assume the crew has accomplished their mission, a jaw-dropping twist places everybody in jeopardy as James is pressured to helplessly watch. So, what precisely occurs on the finish of the film and most significantly, does Alice die in Mile 22?

Maintain scrolling for a full debrief of the ending that features many spoilers!

Does Alice die on the finish of ‘Mile 22’?

Mile 22 tells the story of James Silva and Overwatch, a black-ops CIA crew that he heads to do the soiled, darkish work of the American intelligence company. The film begins with the Overwatch crew executing a raid of a Russian secure home within the U.S., on the lookout for shipments of cesium. After efficiently finishing their mission, the crew executes all of the members of the cell together with an 18-year-old boy who tells James that he’s making a giant mistake earlier than he’s shot useless.

Whereas this raid appears unrelated to the remainder of the plot, it turns into related later.

Flash-forward a number of months and the Overwatch crew is in Indocarr, the place native police officer Li Noor (performed by The Raid’s Iko Uwais) arrives on the U.S. embassy with a disc that he says has data regarding the final batch of cesium that the crew didn’t handle to safe of their raid. However the disc is encrypted and Noor is barely keen to surrender the code if he’s given asylum within the U.S. 

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When Indocarr’s intelligence company tries to assault and subdue Li, the U.S. authorities decides to assist him, and since they anticipate some pushback from the native authorities, they in the end herald Overwatch to move their asset safely to an airstrip 22 miles away from the U.S. embassy.

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After an extended journey and grueling battles with what appears to be the whole lot of Indocarr’s armed forces that go away a number of the crew useless, James and his second in command, Alice (performed by The Strolling Useless‘s Lauren Cohan), handle to get Li on the aircraft. However earlier than Li and Alice take off, Li cryptically cracks a joke to James: “Say hello to your mom for me.”

Because the aircraft takes off, the true stakes of the film come into focus. A Russian cell is proven to have a monitoring program that reveals Overwatch’s secret location and when their commander provides the go-ahead, assassins homicide everybody at Overwatch headquarters.

It seems that the cell is headed by Vera, a high-ranking Russian official whose son was the 18-year-old boy killed by James to start with of the film.

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We quickly be taught that the whole mission of transporting Li was truly a covert operation that the Russians had been finishing up as revenge for the loss of life of Vera’s son.

As Overwatch headquarters is being attacked, Li concurrently takes over the aircraft and presumably shoots everybody on board. However the scene is tellingly ambiguous. Because the majority of this movie is filled with gory deaths proven in minute element, the truth that audiences don’t explicitly see Alice die is sufficient to counsel that there’s extra to the story than meets the attention. 

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The film ends with James getting down to discover Li and get his personal revenge, so the opportunity of a shock look by Alice in any subsequent movies wouldn’t be out of the realm of chance. We’ll simply have to attend and discover out.

Stream Mile 22 on Netflix.

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