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Coronavirus cases confirmed in Florida and New York

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Coronavirus Live Update: One case of coronavirus in New York and two cases have been confirmed in Florida.

The number of coronavirus cases has reached 89 in the United States by confirming new cases in New York and Florida on Sunday. The two deaths have already been reported in the country due to this outbreak. Other than these two cites, Rhode Island, Oregon, and Washington State have confirmed several cases there.

In the last three days, more than twenty-four cases have been reported that have taken to the total number to 89.  The new cases in Florida have sparked new warnings leading to declare a public health emergency by the government. The schools in several areas shall remain close for more than a week due to presumptive positive cases linked to either students or staff.

Coronavirus in New York

Health officials in New York have been testing for suspected cases of coronavirus for more than a month and they’d all come back negative until tonight. The governor confirmed that coronavirus has arrived here in Manhattan and predictably, people of the city are not thrilled. “Alarmed but not surprised,” say folks in Manhattan as they learned that the first case of coronavirus in the city has finally been confirmed.

The governor said tonight, a woman in her late 30s, who recently traveled to Iran tested positive. She is isolating herself at home. Health officials confirm she lives in Manhattan but would not say which neighborhood. The governor Andrew Cuomo said in a statement tonight that “the patient has respiratory symptoms, but is not in serious condition and has been in a controlled situation since arriving to New York.”

Meanwhile, at Kennedy Airport this evening travelers flying in from Italy, where the virus continues to spread rapidly, Delta and American Airlines will halt flights to and from Milan. It has also been reported that there is a second patient in New York City who is being tested for coronavirus. This person also recently traveled from Iran test results have not come back yet. Meanwhile, the New York City Council is planning a hearing on coronavirus on this Thursday.

Two cases of coronavirus in Florida

Governor Ron DeSantis is issuing an executive order directing a public health emergency and statewide response protocol for coronavirus that’s that COVID-19. According to the latest report, we are also learning two people in Florida tested ‘presumptively positive’ for coronavirus, including someone living in Manatee County and another one in Hillsborough County. The statement did not elaborate on who those individuals were, the treatment they were receiving, or their conditions but what we do know is tomorrow, governor DeSantis is scheduled to host a news conference in Tampa and Miami where we expect to learn more about these cases.

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