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Coronavirus Help: Grocery Shopping Guide during COVID-19 Pandemic

Coronavirus Help

Lots of things are going right now as Chicago AccuWeather has issued a warning regarding severe weather looms (Tornado) amid the COVID-19 pandemic. All the people are staying at home and if you have noticed then “Victorious” has completed 10 years and they celebrated through a Zoom video meeting.

By now we are all aware of the general recommendations like practice social distancing, to wash our hands regularly, and to avoid touching our eyes or nose and mouth. But it’s likely that we’re going to have to go grocery shopping, if not once, multiple times over the next couple of weeks. There are certain things that we want to consider.

1. Check Your Grocery Store Hours

Many grocery stores are either opening later in the morning or closing earlier in the evening than they normally would. Plus, many grocery stores are setting aside specific hours for folks who are over the age of 60 or who might have a medical condition that makes them vulnerable to COVID-19. So before going out check the grocery store hours and opening time.

2. Create a Paper Grocery List and Be Flexible

The first benefit of having a paper list is that it allows us to limit our time in the grocery store because we’re going in with a plan of what we need and what we want. Second, the fact that this list is written on paper allows us to throw it away at the end. A lot of times we dub our cell phones as sort of our third hand which can carry a lot of germs. So, with having a list that’s written down that we can throw away, we can easily get around that concern.

Lastly, please be flexible. The grocery store may not have exactly what you need at the moment and that’s okay. Just find a reasonable substitute for what you were originally looking for.

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3. Do Not Hoard Food/Supplies

We know that during these times or we may feel a little bit more stressed or more anxious than we normally do. We think it’s easy to want to purchase more food and supplies than we need but we want to remind everyone that our supply chain experts have shared the risk of our grocery stores running out of those staple items is very low if we all do our part. So let’s remember that the next time we go to the grocery store we don’t want to be the ones that are left empty-handed on something that we need. Let’s do our part and try not to hoard the food and supplies we need.

4. Pack Your Own Groceries

Remember that you can actually pack your own groceries at the checkout line. You can wear your own gloves then, just wash them when you get home. This could be helpful for a couple of reasons. One, because you can limit how much other people are touching your food and second, because you may get out of the grocery store a little bit quicker.

5. Ask about Getting Grocery Delivered at Home

If you’re over the age of sixty or amino compromised in any way, we really encourage you to consider getting your groceries delivered at home. If you don’t know where to start then go to your grocery store employees or give them a call and see if they have a home delivery option. If they don’t, they may actually have a suggestion for where you could go.

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You could also ask your family or your friends if they have any suggestions for how you can get your groceries delivered at home.

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