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Counter-Strike Is Being Remade For Nintendo DS

Counter Strike For Nintendo DS

A French programmer has been documenting their progress in recreating Valve’s Counter-Strike for the Nintendo DS on their YouTube channel.

One major fan of Valve’s first-person shooter Counter-Strike is recreating the game for the Nintendo DS. The project has been ongoing for several months, and there is still much work to be done before it’s complete. However, the creator says the team would like to release the source code when it is completed.

The original Counter-Strike game began as a mod for Valve’s Half-Life. The company then hired modders Minh Le and Jess Cliffe and secured the rights to distribute the game commercially. It was a massive hit both critically and financially, with a sizable esports scene surrounding it. The series has spawned many sequels, the most popular of which is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, one of Valve’s biggest moneymakers.

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Fewnity, a French YouTuber, has been documenting their progress in building Counter-Strike for the DS. In their most recent video, they highlight a new aiming system utilizing the DS touch screen. The footage also reveals some of the iconic weapon sounds from the original are returning. Naturally, the video takes place on a recreation of Counter-Strike‘s most famous map: de_dust2.

Fewnity has released other videos showing off the build progress, mainly focusing on the inclusion of bots. The graphics are still fairly primitive. Given that it’s both a work in progress and the graphical capabilities of the DS are limited. In their most recent progress update on Twitter, Fewnity said they added multiple new features to the game. These range from minor additions like new sounds and screen shake to major features like headshots, a weapons shop, and new control options.

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Of course, Fewnity has other projects than just porting a classic FPS. They are also the developer of several independent games, such as Poipoil’s Adventure and Exa Zombies. Their most successful titles are the Planet Run series, with Planet Run 2 available on GameJolt, Google Play, and soon PlayStation Vita.

It’s difficult to categorize exactly what this Counter-Strike recreation is. It’s not technically a demake, as the graphics and combat will theoretically match one-to-one. The additional control schemes might qualify it as an enhanced port, but it is not official. It is clear, however, that Fewnity is pouring a great deal of care and energy into this project, and the results speak for themselves. It may not be an official handheld version of one of Valve’s biggest IPs. What it is is a testament to how popular and beloved those early PC games are to so many.

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Source: Fewnity (Twitter/YouTube)

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