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COVID 19 vaccines at Wolstein Center: Sen. Sherrod Brown

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CLEVELAND — As Ohio’s daily COVID vaccination numbers have experienced a downward trend in recent weeks, efforts are being made to encourage more people to go out and get a shot.

Sen. Sherrod Brown is visiting the Wolstein Center’s mass vaccination clinic at 10:15 a.m. today to discuss “the positive differences COVID-19 vaccines will make for Northeast Ohio families and communities.”

We will stream his visit live inside this story.

During Sen. Brown’s visit, he’s also expected to highlight the stories of Ohioans who have been vaccinated.

He will be joined by the following people:

Last week, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine was asked for his thoughts on the dipping number of COVID vaccines being given in Ohio. Here’s his full statement on the matter:

“Nothing about this pandemic has been easy. No one should think that this was going to be easy either, but I think we are well-positioned. Why do I say that? We have almost 2,000 locations in the state where people can get vaccinated today. We have some very energized people at the local levels. You’re seeing it here in Cuyahoga County, but frankly, you’re seeing it all over the state, doing everything they can to get vaccines out and to make it available to people. Most places now, you can literally walk in and get the shot. Some people, that’s just what they want to do. They didn’t want to make a reservation. They didn’t want to go online. Maybe they couldn’t have gone online. They want to be able to walk in.”

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Slightly more than 40 percent of Ohioans have received at least one COVID-19 vaccine as of the most recent data reported on May 2.

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