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Daisy Kelliher Says She’s Still Friends With Natasha De Bourg

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Below Deck Sailing Yacht’s season 2 had many ups and downs. Despite that, chief stew Daisy Kelliher says she and Natasha De Bourg are still friends.

Despite the ups and downs for season two of Below Deck Sailing Yacht , Chief Stew Daisy Kelliher asserts that she and Chef Natasha de Bourg are still friends. A little bit of excitement on the job and conflict cannot destroy a positive platonic relationship.

The season was quite eventful for the crew. Their guests were the Drewitt-Barlows, who brought their drama onboard, along with many demands for meals and entertainment. While Natasha had recommended a buffet style for the family given the size and taste preferences, they rejected the option and wanted meals made to order. This created bottlenecks and delays for their meals, putting pressure on Daisy to keep them happy while Natasha rushed to meet every demand, eventually culminating in the crew receiving a low tip of $15,000. Daisy blamed Natasha’s poor performance for this, including the fact that she couldn’t produce a cotton candy machine for a special event.

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Despite all of this, Daisy Kelliher has asserted that she and Natasha are still friends when not on-camera, according to her Instagram. When talking with Screen Rant, she has mentioned that even in the toughest times, you can maintain a strong bond and that you can clash professionally while keeping a personal connection. Daisy also admitted that this was one of the hardest charters, owing to the demands as well as the size of the guest party. View one of her Instagram posts here:

Natasha in the meantime has received praise for her patience with this charter. Viewers appreciated that after the show aired, Natasha was able to look back and admit her shortcomings, while also acknowledging that this round of guests was a little beyond the ordinary. Daisy said, “I think it’s a weird thing, being able to reflect back on our work now. But there was definitely a lack of communication, and more importantly, a lack of trust.

She added, “I think we didn’t have confidence in each other. But we’re good friends, and I think that shows how much trust [you need]. People will talk about communication, but after coming out of this experience, I actually think trust is very important as well. You need to trust your team and say, “This is what we need to do,” or have confidence in them.” Daisy and Natasha continue to update their social media with photos of the two hanging out and enjoying each other’s company. They haven’t let rough waters come in the way, or hurt their bond.

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