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Darth Vader Secretly Hated Luke Skywalker For Having Friends

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Darth Vader just revealed he thinks his son Luke Skywalker is nothing without his friends by his side in a new Star Wars comic.

Warning! Spoilers for Star Wars: Darth Vader #12 below.

Darth Vader believes Luke Skywalker is nothing without the help of his friends. In a new chapter of Star Wars: Darth Vader, the Sith Lord has refocused his hatred for Emperor Palpatine and his secrets to his own son. Now, firmly back on the side of his master, Darth Vader believes the only reason Luke and his friends have survived for so long is that he let them.

Darth Vader has been put through his paces in his current ongoing series. After traveling across the galaxy to find more information and punish those who kept Luke Skywalker from him, Emperor Palpatine gave him one of his greatest challenges, leaving Vader to die on Mustafar as part of his latest quest. After rebuilding himself, Vader traveled to Exegol where Palpatine showed him the darkest secrets of the Sith – including the massive Sith Fleet that was later used in Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker. Now, Vader is recommitted to the dark side after learning what was on Exegol and he’s not going to let Luke stand in his way.

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In Star Wars: Darth Vader #12 by Grek Pak, Guiu Vilanova, Dean White, Giada Marchisio, and VC’s Joe Caramagna, a badly damaged Darth Vader returns to Coruscant. Emperor Palpatine demands his apprentice to be fully restored, despite warnings about rebuilding him to full health after he tried to kill his master. While he’s being rebuilt, Vader remembers cutting off Luke’s hand and the Battle of Yavin. He says Luke could have ruled the galaxy by his side and that he’s weak – while adding he’s “never done anything without your friends.”

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The comic shows Vader capturing and torturing Han Solo as his ongoing monologue continues as he says Luke believes his friends are the reason he’s survived thus far when really it’s all been by his design. Once he emerges from being rebuilt, Vader reveals his true purpose is to serve the Sith and that his son will die.

Clearly, Vader has reconnected with his ultimate goal to rule the galaxy alongside the Sith – and has thrown away any ambition to join up with his son. While Vader has once again fully embraced the dark side, he could be simply justifying his own isolation now that his quest to recruit Luke has come to an end. In Darth Vader’s eyes, Luke Skywalker needed his friends to accomplish what he did, which makes him weaker in the eyes of the Sith Lord.

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