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Darth Vader Slaughtered An Entire Rebel Army To Get To Luke Skywalker

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Darth Vader slaughtered an entire rebel army in one of his single most impressive shows of power in an effort to find Luke Skywalker.

In his quest to find his son, Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader’s travels once took him to a planet where he was confronted by an army full of Rebels – and he slaughtered them all. In the Star Wars: Vader Down crossover series from Marvel Comics, the powerful Sith Lord arrived on Vrogas Vas., as he tracked Luke to the planet. However, when a large group of Rebels tried to surround him, Vader proved more than up for the challenge despite being significantly outnumbered.

Marvel’s 2016 Star Wars: Vader Down crossover featured current Star Wars titles at the time connecting over a few issues to tell the story of Vader taking on the Rebel Alliance in an effort to find Luke. After learning Skywalker was responsible for blowing up the Death Star, Vader traveled across the galaxy in order to find him and attempt to turn him to the dark side. Once Vader discovered Luke was with the Rebels on Vrogas Vas in a secret Rebel Alliance Base, he went to the planet to try to convince his son to join him.

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In Star Wars: Vader Down #1 by Jason Aaron, Mike Deodato, Frank Martin Jr., and VC’s Joe Caramagna, Vader fights through the Rebel defenses in space protecting Vrogas Vas, eventually making his way to the planet’s surface after getting shot down by Luke Skywalker. Vader immediately senses the planet was a former home to a Jedi Temple, but before he can learn more he’s confronted by an entire Rebel Army who tells him to stand down. They inform Vader he’s surrounded, as hundreds of soldiers point their blasters at him. In one of his most badass moments ever, Vader responds to the Rebel army saying “All I am surrounded by is fear. And dead men.”

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The Rebel army’s attempt to get Vader to stand down fails miserably, as he activates their own grenades and blows them up. Vader then uses his lightsaber to deflect a powerful blast from a tank, killing even more Rebels in the process. When the smoke clears, Vader is the last man standing – and says nothing will keep him from his son.

Vader is no stranger to showing incredible feats of strength and dominating his opponents, but in the Star Wars: Vader Down crossover series, he was at his most impressive, as he easily dispatched an entire army singlehandedly. In his quest to find his son Luke Skywalker and try to convince him to join the dark side, Darth Vader slaughtered an entire Rebel army with ease. It was an amazing display of power that’s rarely been topped in the Star Wars universe.

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