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Days Gone PC Review: This Is The Version To Play

Days Gone PC Deacon On The Horizon

Days Gone on PC successfully realizes Bend Studio’s critically mixed zombie game full potential, boasting a fun and visually stunning undead shooter.

Days Gone on PC is a prime example of what time, resources, and new hardware can do for a game that was originally something of a mixed bag. Days Gone originally launched in 2019 as a then-PS4 exclusive that had a relatively solid story following biker Deacon St. John searching for his wife mid-zombie apocalypse. Days Gone had fun gameplay, but a very buggy launch during a competitive time that served to hold it back from meeting expectations with critics.

Bend Studio may rekindle discussions over a potential Days Gone sequel after all, however, thanks to the PC port of its fan-favorite port of its undead open-world title. The PS4 version wasn’t a bad looking game, but there were low resolution textures and some details were generally lacking. The PC version is a sizeable difference, bringing a level of visual fidelity that alters the perception of the game’s zombie-ridden landscape.

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There’s an extreme amount of depth in the details of Days Gone on PC, bringing virtual characters to life through realistic models. When this game is maxed out or approaching the highest settings, it’s an absolute beauty. The lush, serene greens of the forgotten state of Oregon feel tangible, the bark of the trees looks rough, and the way light pours in through tree branches, creating little spotlights from the heavens, is marvelous.

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Even without raytracing, Days Gone is a visual stunner on PC and this translates into how it plays as well. There’s all sorts of adjustable settings to get players comfortable with how the game looks, ranging from typical graphical sliders to an extremely wide FOV adjuster. Days Gone holds up well under the pressure of some of these rather intensive settings, as the game ran upwards of 70 FPS on an average gaming laptop. Its silky smooth and reliable uncapped FPS allows for an ideal zombie killing experience, as the hordes amass and crumble under the weight of bullets and explosives.

Still, there are some negative holdovers from the original game that are surprisingly still present in this impressive PC port of Days Gone. The AI in the original game felt incredibly dated and that remains true here, possibly even aging worse in the process. Enemy AI seem to have a very small line of sight and doesn’t have a wide range for sound, as enemies can’t see Deacon from a relatively reasonable distance, even as he rolls up on his thunderously loud chopper. There were multiple occasions where enemies were only a few dozen feet away from Deacon and acted like he was invisible.

Even after engaging in gunfights in outposts, sometimes enemies would just end up freezing in a spot, forcing the player to go find them hidden away in a corner. Given Days Gone is so vastly improved on PC, it’s jarring to find notable remnants of what bogged it down the first time around. It’s hard to ignore when there are a lot of gunfights and bases to be raided throughout the game’s lengthy main story and plentiful side quests, which shines a glaring spotlight on some of the worst elements still present in the PC port of Days Gone.

Days Gone PC - Deacon Runs From The Undead

Even with these unfortunate leftovers, Days Gone elevates itself tremendously on PC. It’s a little surprising Bend was able to fully realize its vision of Days Gone on a platform other than PlayStation, but this bodes well for future titles Sony may bring to PC, especially ones that were more highly regarded. Ultimately, Days Gone on PC is the best iteration of the game, and could make it well worth another look for fans of zombie titles.

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Days Gone releases today, May 18, 2021, for PC. The game is also available on PS4. Screen Rant was provided with a PC code for the purpose of this review.

Our Rating:

4 out of 5 (Excellent)

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