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Days of Future Past’s Rogue Cut Changes

Xmen days of future past Rogue Cut changes

Here is everything X-Men: Days of Future Past: The Rogue Cut changed from the theatrical cut of Fox’s 2014 X-Men blockbuster. 20th Century Fox delivered a soft reboot of the X-Men franchise in 2011, as X-Men: First Class introduced a new cast as younger versions of characters who led the 2000s trilogy. This saw Michael Fassbender replace Ian McKellan as Magneto, James McAvoy replace Patrick Stewart as Professor X, and much more. However, the two generations of mutants had a crossover in the very next film, X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Directed by Bryan Singer, X-Men: Days of Future Past told a story set at two different points in the X-Men timeline. The majority of the film takes place in 1973 after Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine travels from 2023 to try and change the future. He is sent by the last members of the X-Men to stop Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) from assassinating Boliver Trask (Peter Dinklage), an event that eventually led to the creation of the deadly Sentinels. Back in 2023, the Sentinels are hunting down the final mutants, which includes Storm (Halle Berry), Kitty Pryde (Elliot Page), Bishop (Omar Sy), and many more. This plot allowed X-Men: Days of Future Past to feature the past characters and reset the timeline. That paved the way for Famke Jansen’s Jean Grey, James Marsden’s Cyclops, Anna Paquin’s Rogue, and more to appear at the very end

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X-Men: Days of Future Past was a massive hit and earned nearly $750 million after receiving extremely positive reviews. This success came despite the original plan for a longer cut – by 17 minutes to be exact. The biggest change to come from Singer’s new edit was giving Rogue a major role. The character only had a cameo at the end of X-Men: Days of Future Past before the “Rogue Cut” readded an entire subplot about her. Although this is the most substantial change, several other scenes and moments are altered too. Here’s a complete breakdown of everything X-Men: Days of Future Past: The Rogue Cut changes.

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X-Men Memorial

The Rogue Cut adds a memorial for fallen mutants early on X-Men: Days of Future Past. The wall plastered with pictures of dead X-Men, or their allies, is first seen when the Sentinels begin to attack the 2023 X-Men team led by Bishop. The camera only shows the wall for a few seconds about four minutes into the movie, but it does return several minutes later when the X-Men assemble in China. In this version of the future, the Bishop’s team established a base there and set up the memorial here instead.

The X-Men Debate Saving the World

The Rogue Cut of X-Men: Days of Future Past includes more discussion about whether or not the plan to change the future will work. Bishop is concerned about the risk they are taking by putting all of their faith in one plan. He also isn’t too fond of the idea of altering the timeline to a point where he and others might not even be born. Blink and Sunspot share Bishop’s hesitation, but Professor X ultimately convinces them to risk it all for the world to get a second chance. Shortly after this discussion ends, Iceman and Kitty Pryde have a side conversation about the risk she is taking to send Wolverine back to the future. Iceman knows this will test the limits of Kitty’s powers, but she assures him she can handle it and they end the conversation with a kiss.

Wolverine’s Arrival In 1973

Once Wolverine arrives in 1973, X-Men: Days of Future Past: The Rogue Cut includes a few additional moments with him. Wolverine’s fight with some bad guys lasts slightly longer and includes alternate angles of select shots. After the fight concludes, he gets rid of the girl he slept with the night before.

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Young Professor X Questions Wolverine’s Plan

Wolverine’s mission to recruit Professor X proves to be a bit more difficult in X-Men: Days of Future Past: The Rogue Cut. Charles Xavier laughs at the first mention of time travel, which isn’t included in the theatrical cut. He is in such disbelief over this possible explanation that he asks Wolverine to repeat his explanation, but Logan doesn’t give him the satisfaction. Charles goes on to refer to Wolverine as a “tall, angry fellow with the contentious hair.” There is also an extra comedic beat about how there isn’t any internet in 1973.

Wolverine Meets Quicksilver’s Sister

When Wolverine, Beast, and Professor X go to recruit Quicksilver, the Rogue Cut of X-Men: Days of Future Past includes an added scene with the speedster’s sister. She tells Logan that she is a princess and asks what he is, and he replies by saying the Wolverine and asks for Pietro Maximoff’s location. She is unnamed and there is a reference to another sister at the end of the scene, making it unclear if this child is Wanda Maximoff or if that is the unseen sister.

Nixon’s F-Bomb

Another quick new moment in X-Men: Days of Future Past: The Rogue Cut is President Richard Nixon’s response to the public sighting of mutants. He says “F*ck me” in the extended cut of the movie. The theatrical cut removed this line due to MPAA restrictions that almost always restrict one f-bomb in a PG-13 movie, and young Professor X already says it earlier on in both versions of the film.

Iceman Reveals Rogue’s Location

The first major change made to X-Men: Days of Future Past comes more than halfway through the film. Due to the injuries Kitty sustained by Wolverine almost losing control, Iceman proposes a plan to get someone who can take over for her. He suggests finding Rogue so she can take Kitty’s powers and reveals that she is located in Cerebro in the X-Mansion. Bobby reveals that they attempted to get her back in the past but security is too heavy for them. Professor X tells him that there are a few secrets to the house the enemy won’t know about, so the two of them and Magneto leave to find Rogue.

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Beast Asks Wolverine About His Future

The Rogue Cut of X-Men: Days of Future Past also changes how and when Beast talks to Wolverine about his future. The theatrical version saw the conversation happen during the third act battle, but here Hank stops by Logan’s room to ask him the question. Wolverine gives a similar response both times, noting that Beast isn’t alive anymore in his timeline, but that won’t matter if they change the future.

Mystique Visits Beast At X-Mansion

Mystique and Beast get to spend some alone time together in X-Men: Days of Future Past: The Rogue Cut when she stops by the X-Mansion. The theatrical version of the movie sees Professor X learn that she’s traveling to Washington D.C. using Cerebro, but he is unable to discover her destination here. This results in Mystique coming to the X-Mansion and running into Beast on accident. She convinces Hank not to tell Charles that she’s here and then seduces Hank.

Magneto & Iceman Rescue Rogue

Once Magneto and Iceman arrive at the X-Mansion in 2023, they follow Professor X’s guide to secretly travel through the building until they reach Rogue. Magneto uses his powers to neutralize the guards and doctors. Iceman races to an unconscious Rogue and places his hand on her face so she can steal some of his life. After she is awake, Magneto and Iceman begin escorting Rogue out of the X-Mansion.

Iceman Dies Saving Rogue

Rescuing Rogue comes at a cost in X-Men: Days of Future Past: The Rogue Cut. After Magneto, Iceman, and Rogue exit Cerebro, it doesn’t take long before Sentinels attack to try and keep her there. Iceman ultimately sacrifices himself in an effort to hold them off. While the Sentinels killed Iceman in a similar fashion in the theatrical cut, his death happens much earlier on here. This leads to many other minor elements changing in the movie’s third act. Magneto and Rogue do make it out of the X-Mansion alive, although the building is burned to the ground by the fight.

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Mystique Destroys Cerebro

The Rogue Cut goes on to reveal that the reason Mystique went to X-Mansion was to destroy Cerebro. She sneaks through the building after spending time with Hank and impersonates Professor X to enter the room. Raven proceeds to destroy the machine so Charles is not able to track her or communicate with her anymore as she prepares to travel to Washington to kill Trask. With Cerebro destroyed, Hank, Charles, and Logan figure out that this is where she’s heading after hearing about the new mutant-related announcement.

Rogue Replaces Kitty Pryde

Now that Rogue is safe with Professor X and Magneto, she arrives with them at the team’s China hideout and takes over for Kitty. She borrows her powers to keep Wolverine’s mind in the past and tells Kitty that Iceman died during the rescue mission. Wolverine notices that Rogue has taken control of the operation too. This change leads to several small differences between the theatrical cut and Rogue Cut. For the rest of the movie, any shot where Rogue is shown with her hands around Wolverine’s face originally saw Kitty Pryde performing this task. Reaction shots of Rogue and Kitty are used in place of those that belonged to Iceman before, with Kitty even saving Magneto instead of Blink in this new cut.

How The Sentinels Find The Future X-Men Team

Another quick addition to X-Men: Days of Future Past: The Rogue Cut is an explanation for how the Sentinels find the team’s base in China. The mission to save Rogue concluded with a Sentinel arm getting stuck on the futuristic Blackbird. A new shot shows the arm clinging to the ship and a tracker embedded inside it. This leads the Sentinels directly to the base for the finale.

Young Professor X Talks To Veteran

One of the only changes to X-Men: Days of Future Past‘s ending included in the Rogue Cut is a small conversation between Professor X and a veteran. Charles sits next to him at the mutant presentation and the vet asks him how he got in a wheelchair. Charles remarks that it was friendly fire, which references Magneto inadvertently directing the bullet that struck Charles’ spine in X-Men: First Class.

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Post-Credits Scene Puts Trask In Jail

X-Men: Days of Future Past: The Rogue Cut also includes a mid-credits scene that wasn’t included in the theatrical cut. The short scene shows Bolivar Trask in the Pentagon prison that previously housed Magneto. An unspecified amount of time has passed after the film’s conclusion, but Trask’s long hair and beard signals it has been a while.

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  • X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)Release date: May 23, 2014

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