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DC’s Future Batman Embraces His Destiny With New Batsuit

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DC Comics revealed a brand new called “I Am Batman,” which will see Jace Fox embrace his destiny and become the next Dark Knight.

DC’s next Batman is about to get his own cape and cowl and take the next step towards becoming the Dark Knight. This week, DC Comics revealed Jace Fox will star in a new series called I Am Batman, which is a direct follow-up to The Next Batman: Second Son. Teases for the issue suggest Jace will finally get his own Batsuit as he begins his time as Batman.

Batman: Second Son by John Ridley, Travel Foreman, Le Beau Underwood, Rex Lokus, and Deron Bennett just wrapped up its 12-issue run with Jace discovering a connection between his dad Lucius Fox, and Batman. He discovered a file called “The Clade of Chiroptera,” which had code showing a subbasement in one of his father’s buildings that he didn’t know existed. Jace explored the seemingly abandoned armory, but when he investigates further, he found a Batsuit and put it together than his dad and Bruce Wayne are working for Batman. Now, it seems the suit he found in will be put to good use.

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DC Comics revealed Jace’s adventures will continue in I Am Batman #0 as Ridley, Foreman and Lokus return as the creative team and are joined by Norm Rapmund. The series will see Ridley fight to save his city against the oppressive Magistrate, as he will use the armor found in the armory to fight crime himself. While Jace has worn a mask before while fighting crime, this marks the first time he will have worn Batman armor in continuity.

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Jace first suited up as Batman in Future State’s The Next Batman, where he replaced Bruce Wayne (who was thought to be killed) as the Caped Crusader of the dark future. However, that timeline isn’t guaranteed to happen, so to see Jace become a version of Batman in the main continuity is a welcome development – especially, after the conclusion of his own series. The question remains: how will Batman react to having another hero wear his Batsuit and fight crime in his name? Especially given Jace’s methods are much more violent.

Considering Jace’s relationship with Lucius and his discovery both his father and Bruce Wayne are deeply connected to Batman, it’s safe to expect some fireworks in the series. The next Batman is coming to the DC Universe – which should excite both old and new fans. But where exactly does Jace fit in a world with Batman and the Magistrate on the rise? Readers will learn more when I Am Batman #0 is in stores in August.

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