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‘Delta Plus’ variant considered more contagious than ‘Delta’ variant of COVID-19

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Doctors remind unvaccinated people to get a shot as they said vaccinations will prevent hospitalization and death from the highly contagious variants.

PENNSYLVANIA, USA — The new ‘Delta plus’ mutation of the COVID-19 ‘Delta’ variant is pushing doctors across the nation to remind everyone of the importance of getting a coronavirus vaccine.

“The Delta Plus is a variant form of Delta that’s a little bit more infectious,” said Dr. John Goldman, infectious disease specialist at UPMC. 

Goldman said in the beginning of the pandemic for every one person infected with the original form of COVID-19, one to two more people could also catch the virus. With Delta, he said, that number jumps to around 4-6 people. With Delta Plus, he estimates the number jumps even higher to 7-8 people. 

“What we’re seeing is the virus is becoming more and more infectious,” said Dr. Goldman who said making the choice not to get the vaccine is making the choice to get the virus. 

Delta Plus was recorded in Europe and has been found in the United Kingdom, India, South Korea, and now the United States.

It joins other variants of concern that go by the names of Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and of course Delta.

Goldman said the majority of people who are hospitalized are unvaccinated people and “even with the Delta the vaccinations are holding up well against the virus.” 

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He added the more the virus reproduces the more it mutates and the more lethal it could become. 

“Some people have even described the unvaccinated as variant factories,” he said. 

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