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Demi Burnett Claims Reality Steve’s Apology Is A Sham

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Bachelor blogger Reality Steve claims he wasn’t aware of his power over contestants. But Demi Burnett says he’s “very calculated” and “not dumb.”

Popular The Bachelor blogger Reality Steve wants to make amends with Demi Burnett following previous “unwanted” advances, but she isn’t accepting his apology. In fact, the former contestant is calling his public statement “BS.” Following allegations of inappropriate behavior from several women of Bachelor Nation, Steve announced that he’ll no longer have personal relationships/friendships with those he reports on. He expressed shock that the women, including Demi, felt he held a certain power over them. Demi believes his actions were “calculated” all along, and that he was fully aware of the unbalanced dynamic.

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Steve was recently tossed into the hot seat by former contestant Bekah Martinez, who called out his past criticism of The Bachelor season 19 favorite Jade Roper, who posed for Playboy. Shortly after, Demi joined the conversation by sharing an uncomfortable encounter with the king of Bachelor spoilers. The 45-year-old allegedly told Demi all about a graphic sex dream he had of her and asked her not to tell anyone. Though a text exchange shows Demi laughing it off, she now describes the experience as an “unwanted and unprompted sexual advance.” She was apparently afraid to upset Steve out of fear that he’d write a negative article about her. Steve said he had no idea his dream recap made her upset.

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On the heels of Steve’s claim that he was ignorant of his power, Demi bashed his statement on the Talking It Out podcast, as reported by E!. “For him to say he doesn’t see the power dynamic, I’m like, you’re not dumb, dude. You’re not dumb. You’re clearly very calculated. You know what you’re doing. So just own the fact that you were being a creep and you were being inappropriate and that’s it,” said Demi, who Steve outed as bisexual before she was ready to tell her loved ones. Demi explained how she worked to form a friendly relationship with Steve in an effort to save her image. “He has hated on me severely, called me the worst names…said the meanest things about me,” Demi said. “And then the second that I gave him the time of day just to, like, have peace with him…he stopped saying nasty things.”

In response to Steve’s confusion over Demi’s change in attitude over the sex dream incident, she said she understands where he’s coming from. “I am so nice that people mistake it for more than just being nice and friendly,” she shared. “But I would have a lot more respect for him if he were to just say, ‘You know what? I was being creepy. I thought she was hot. I made an advance I shouldn’t have made,’ instead of this whole, ‘I didn’t know I had any power over these people.” Demi then spoke on behalf of all contestants: “It’s a man who has dirt on us and who can ruin our lives.”

Within The Bachelor franchise, “cancel culture” is real. After Chris Harrison’s remarks about Rachael Kirkconnell’s Old South Ball attendance, fans and contestants alike continue to vie for a permanent new host. Still, it’s not impossible to bounce back. Following Rachael’s tearful vow to do better when her racially insensitive past came to light, her season 25 sisters flooded her Instagram with love and support. Which direction will the controversy surrounding Reality Steve take?

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