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Did Halloween 2’s Jimmy Survive The Movie Or Not?

Halloween 2 what happened to Jimmy

Halloween II introduced Jimmy, a paramedic who fell in love with Laurie Strode and whose fate remains a mystery. Here’s what happened to him.

Halloween II picked up where the first movie left off and introduced new characters, such as Jimmy, a paramedic who served as Laurie Strode’s love interest and whose fate is one of the biggest mysteries in the franchise. The slasher genre went through its best time in the 1980s, and it has a lot to thank John Carpenter for, as his 1978 movie Halloween helped develop and popularize the genre in that decade. Although it initially got negative reviews, Halloween has been revisited over the years and is now considered one of the greatest horror movies ever, and made way for one of the most popular franchises in the genre.

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Halloween introduced the audience to Michael Myers, who killed his older sister on Halloween night 1963 when he was six years old. Michael was sent to Smith’s Grove Sanitarium, and fifteen years later, in 1978, he escaped and returned to his hometown Haddonfield, Illinois. There he stalked Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) and her friends on Halloween night, and Laurie was the sole survivor of his killing spree. Three years later came the sequel, Halloween II, which covered the aftermath of Michael’s murders, right after the end of the first movie. In it, Michael continued to go after Laurie, now at Haddonfield Memorial Hospital, where Laurie was aided by Jimmy, a paramedic who also came face to face with Michael.

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Jimmy quickly developed feelings for Laurie, so head nurse Virginia Alves limited his time with her. Still, Jimmy kept an eye on Laurie and did his best to help her escape, but there were some obstacles in the way. Once Michael arrived at the hospital, he started killing all those he encountered, including Mrs. Alves. Jimmy found her body and slipped in a pool of her blood, knocking himself unconscious. He later caught up with Laurie, who was hiding in a car in the parking lot, and tried to drive themselves to safety but he passed out on the horn as a result of his head injury. After that, Jimmy didn’t appear again in Halloween II nor was he mentioned, leaving his fate unknown – but the TV cut offered an alternate ending that included Jimmy.

Halloween 2 1981

In it, he’s revealed to be in the same ambulance as Laurie, where they hold hands as Laurie repeats “we made it”. Jimmy’s mysterious fate has made way for various fan theories on what happened to him, with many Halloween fans assuming he survived and got together with Laurie, thus becoming Jamie Lloyd’s (Danielle Harris) father. This would mean that he, along with Laurie, died in a car crash before the events of Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers. Now, the Halloween franchise has gone through different retcons, and Halloween H20 ignores all movies that came after Halloween II, so if Jimmy survived and stayed with Laurie, he could have been John’s (Josh Hartnett) father, but that doesn’t fit the timeline that well.

Truth is that there’s no real evidence of Jimmy surviving the events of Halloween II aside from the TV cut, which is a tamer version of the theatrical version, and as such the survival of Jimmy was most likely added to give Laurie a happy ending. Ultimately, Jimmy’s fate in the Halloween franchise is left ambiguous, as he could have succumbed to his head injury or he could have survived, but whether he became Laurie’s mysterious husband in the Jamie Lloyd timeline or the H20 one is up to every viewer.

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