Did Iris Only Exist in Augustine’s Imagination in Netflix’s ‘The Midnight Sky’? (SPOILERS)

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*Spoiler alert: Large spoilers for Netflix’s The Midnight Sky forward!*

The newest blockbuster hit to reach to Netflix comes from actor-turned-director George Clooney. Launched over Christmas, The Midnight Sky is an epic set in area that facilities round George’s Augustine Lofthouse, an remoted scientist making an attempt to get a message to spaceship Aether to warn its crew that an unspecified catastrophic occasion has ravaged planet Earth and that they need to not plan on returning dwelling.

Accompanying Augustine on the mission is a younger woman who barely says a phrase, performed by Caoilinn Springall, who Augustine decides to name Iris, and who, the astronaut assumes, has been mistakenly left behind by a colleague on his former Arctic base.

However the ending of Midnight Sky has left everybody asking the identical query: Was Iris even actual?

Was Iris actual in ‘The Midnight Sky’?

In Augustine’s first contact with Aether, he speaks with Sully (Felicity Jones) in regards to the unspecified, however likely man-made catastrophe that occurred on Earth. “I do not know all the main points, it was a mistake,” he tells Sully earlier than the communication is minimize. Sully and her Aether crew are getting back from a analysis mission to see if considered one of Jupiter’s moons is liveable.

“I am afraid we did not do an excellent job of taking care of the place whilst you have been away,” Augustine tells the Aether crew later within the movie, urging them to not land their spacecraft on Earth. 

“No. All survivable areas are underground,” he warns them. “And people are non permanent,” he provides, suggesting that there is no such thing as a appropriate choice for them to stay on Earth long-term, and that they is likely to be higher off seeing if they’ll discover one other place to the touch down.

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However one of many closing twists of the film finally supplies a revelation in regards to the little one who’s been accompanying Augustine on his mission. Within the final moments of The Midnight Sky, audiences be taught that Iris and Sully are literally the identical particular person, or quite, that Iris does not exist to anybody apart from Augustine.

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And the flashbacks we see all through the film — of a youthful Augustine (Ethan Peck) having had a daughter with a girl known as Jean (Sophie Rundle) — really come to make sense within the final moments of the movie. Whereas we be taught that Augustine’s household life imploded as a result of he spent all his time obsessing on his work, we additionally come to be taught that Aether’s Sully’s actual identify is definitely Iris.

The rationale Augustine had given child-Iris that identify within the first place was that she was drawing an image of a flower when he discovered her, however the closing scenes see child-Iris disappear, as if she have been solely a figment of Augustine’s creativeness or a manifestation of his guilt of getting uncared for his precise daughter as a baby.

Sully reveals to Augustine that she had determined to develop into an astronaut due to a moon rock her mom, who we come to be taught was Jean, had given her when she was rising up.

Augustine declares he is proud to lastly have met his grownup daughter moments earlier than child-Iris vanishes for good and audiences handle to piece collectively the overlapping timelines.

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