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Disney Princes: Ranked By Romantic Partner Potential

Disney Princes Li Shang and Aladdin

The different Disney Princes are always shown in a positive light as they’re true heroes and characters that people are supposed to like due to their personalities. While they all manage to win over their eventual Princesses, that doesn’t mean that every single one of the characters is necessarily romantic right from the start.

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Some of the characters can be rude or a little egotistical at times, yet they all also have their positive traits too, whether it be humor or kindness. While the different Princes are iconic characters, which of them has the greatest romantic potential as people overall?

10 Prince Naveen

Prince Naveen ends up being one of the most memorable Disney Princes of all, mainly because he brings a great deal of charisma to everything that he does. However, at the start when he is first introduced as a character, Prince Naveen is full of himself, and he is quite selfish.

This isn’t something that makes other people want to date him, and he doesn’t push out the level of romantic potential that most characters do. While he does change throughout the movie, that is mainly because Tiana changes his perspective, rather than it being a gradual improvement of himself from a romantic point of view.

9 Flynn Rider

Flynn Rider Entry Image

Flynn Rider falls into exactly the same category that Prince Naveen does in the sense that he is full of himself early on. Initially, he doesn’t come across as likable or as someone who would be a good romantic partner, but he makes positive changes throughout.

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This is ultimately how Flynn wins over Rapunzel because when he chips away his false persona and showcases the real him, it is someone who is attentive, gentle, and caring. However, the version he shows for the majority of the movie is one who lies and is selfish, which is why he doesn’t have the greatest romantic potential.

8 Prince Florian

The original Disney Prince really falls into the category of a stereotypical Disney Prince in that he rushes in, sweeps Snow White off her feet, and that’s about it. He doesn’t get to showcase as much personality as other characters which means he doesn’t have as many faults as Flynn and Naveen, but he also lacks the positives that others have.

He is someone who obviously cares and pays attention to others, which is a commendable trait, and he’s emotionally invested as well, which is another great trait for a romantic partner, but that’s about as far as his personality goes.

7 Li Shang

Li Shang isn’t shown in a romantic manner in the same way that the other characters are, simply because his role in the movie is to be strict and to be a soldier. That doesn’t really lend itself to romance and the usual traits that come with that, which is why he doesn’t have the highest romantic potential.

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However, while he can be strict, that shows discipline, and Shang proves he is trustworthy, which is crucial to any relationship. He is also kind and forgiving, deciding not to have Mulan executed when he could have, and his ability to show patience is another element that makes him seem like a good romantic partner.

6 The Beast

Belle and the Beast dancing to Tale As Old As Time

The Beast is a complex character and one that ultimately proves himself to be a great romantic partner. Of course, early on he is portrayed to be an angry monster, but it becomes clear quickly that it is just a façade he puts on to scare others away and to protect himself.

In reality, The Beast is a gentle soul who cares and wants to improve his life. The fact that he actively tries to become a better person is a showcase of why he has great romantic potential, because anybody who wants to improve clearly cares about themselves and the others around them.

5 John Smith

There are moments early on in Pocahontas where it seems that John Smith won’t have much romantic potential, as he appears to be quite arrogant. However, the more he is shown it becomes clear that John is thoughtful, brave, and intelligent.

Despite the fact that they are from two opposing worlds, John Smith is able to open his eyes to see the differences and realize that really they’re all the same. His ability to look past supposed barriers and judge someone for who they are inside is something that makes him a great potential romantic partner.

4 Prince Eric

Prince Eric Entry Image

Prince Eric has many great traits which make him a strong romantic partner. His kindness is the big reason that he has high potential, as he is somebody who doesn’t judge others, which he showcases with Ariel, despite the fact she doesn’t talk to him early on in their time together.

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Prince Eric is in a real position of power within The Little Mermaid because of who he is. It could be easy for him to become arrogant and controlling but instead, he showcases patience, trust, and a loving personality to everybody he encounters.

3 Prince Charming

The clue is in the name when it comes to Prince Charming, who is one of the most romantic Disney Princes. He might not talk and show his personality as much as other characters, but what he does is prove himself to be romantic by his actions.

He goes against the odds to try to win over Cinderella, proving that no matter the situation he will do what it takes to be the best possible romantic partner. Actions are always crucial in a romantic partner, and that is something that Prince Charming thrives in.

2 Prince Philip

Prince Philip is one of the most romantic characters Disney has to offer. He cares for Princess Aurora from early on and he goes above and beyond the call of duty for her. He tries to do everything he can, showing how much he loves her by literally fighting against a dragon at one point.

But he isn’t just someone who can be romantic in terms of fighting physically, he is kind and considerate, showcasing tender moments as well with their dances together. He is an overall kind person, and that is something that makes him a great potential romantic partner.

1 Aladdin

Out of all the Disney Princes, Aladdin has the greatest romantic potential of them all. He is someone who comes from nothing but still gives and tries his best to be the perfect person, giving Jasmine the best time she could possibly have. Even though he does lie at times when he is pretending to be a Prince, he is only doing that with his best intentions.

Aladdin is kind and funny, and the fact that he’s been at the bottom means he sees things from that perspective. His ability to always look out for other people, and see the positive in everything is something that makes him the ultimate Disney Prince in the romantic side of things.

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