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Disney’s “Real” Lightsabers Revealed In Unbelievable Video


An official video from Disney has revealed the company’s new “real” lightsabers, a new design that brings the Star Wars weapon to life.

Disney has revealed its new “real” Star Wars lightsaber design in an official video. The reveal comes as part of the company’s annual Star Wars Day celebrations that take place on May 4 (“May the fourth be with you”). The lightsaber reveal is one of several major Star Wars events coming throughout the day, including the premiere of the new Disney+ animated series Star Wars: The Bad Batch.

No matter how many characters, planets, starships and droids enter the Star Wars universe, nothing will ever represent the series like the lightsaber. The Jedi weapon has been the de facto symbol of the franchise since the original film released in 1977, and it’s persisted as such through numerous changes in color, sound, and design. Every fan has their favorite lightsaber, and most would love to hold a real one in their hands. Though the technology to create one is obviously the stuff of science fiction, some crafters have come close in recent years.

The new lightsaber design from Disney might be the closest yet to the real thing. In a video promoting Walt Disney World’s Star Wars themed Galactic Starcruiser resort, a Daisy Ridley lookalike is seen wielding the iconic laser sword, which extends from the hilt with a spot-on buzz and iridescent glow. The new lightsabers, which are based on an exclusive patent registered by Disney, will apparently be part of the visitor experience at the Galactic Starcruiser resort. Watch the video below.


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