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Do these 5 things to celebrate this Holiday Season with joy and enthusiasm

Holiday Season

Well with the holidays are right around the corner we thought we would share with you some tips and tricks and small advice to enjoy this holiday season. There’s so much happening with all the holidays coming up that it is important that we notice when we’re feeling a little anxious or stressed or a little Grinchy. You definitely want to take moments out and recognize those feelings. Take the negative energy out of your life this holiday season and enjoy this festival with your friends and family. Here are some important things you should do this holiday season keep positivity and enjoy.

Take time for yourself

Well, it is true that festivals and especially, Christmas are about giving but make sure to take time for yourself. This is the time you meet lots of people including families and friends so you get busy cooking, shopping, or cleaning up the house when guests get over. Now, we are not talking about play video games or chat with someone on social media but you can meditate, take long walk on the snowy road and get some fresh air, or whatever your thing is but do it to keep your energy gong.

Have fun and let go off perfection

Festivals are meant to have fun so don’t caught up in thinking what a holiday should look like or how a present should be wrapped, what tree should I buy, cloths or whatever, just let it go. Let it go off your perfection and enjoy this beautiful holiday season that you’re either getting to attend or you’re hosting for people. Pour some cocktails for yourself and enjoy it with your loved ones because you are only the person that is getting these weird feelings of people observing. Don’t be Monica from FRIENDS and enjoy the holiday.

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Stay healthy

Our next tip is about your diet, your body, and water. These are very important things. Enjoy the time with your family with home-cooked meals. Don’t cheat with your body and diets by making unhealthy choices that can be harmful to you after the Christmas ends. Stay active and be the force in your group to give energy to them. Stay hydrated. So drink water. Taking a walk will be better as you would get time for yourself and it will be healthy as well. Stay active by playing with kids or play basketball with your friends and have some fun.

Take enough sleep

We are going to lose sleeps this holiday season. But you have to get mindful sleep, otherwise are going to be grouchy Grinch and we don’t think there’s anything worse than that. So don’t be a person without a schedule in the holidays as well. Don’t stay up late wrapping gifts or staying up late trying to finish Christmas cookies. The quality sleep is important in whatever you are doing so wind up all the things and get the proper sleep to give your mind and body proper rest. When the holiday season is over and you have to get back to work or back to a normal schedule, it’s not going to be so painful if you took quality sleep.


Our last but not the least piece of advice this season is GRATITUDE. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in presents and material things when you lose sight of the simple things like the time you get to spend with your friends or your family. Be thankful for everything that you have like a roof over your head, food in your belly, clean water, being able to travel, a bed to sleep, and of course the people that you love and they live you back. There lots of people in the world who don’t have all these simple things. Whether you receive one present or hundreds or none just be thankful for everything that you have. Tell your parents, wife, kids, girlfriends, and friends that you love them. Even that one relative that annoys the heck out of you because time is a tricky thing and it can go like that so be grateful and be present and really enjoy the moment that you have.

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So these are some of the things you should be keeping in the mind to enjoy this holiday season and Christmas. Whether it is good or bad, be thankful to God for everything you have got. If it’s bad, be grateful because, it’s teaching you something important in life and if it’s good, be grateful because it’s going to pass as well. Enjoy this Holiday Season. Merry Christmas!

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