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Doctor Strange Originally Created WanadaVision’s Commercials

Doctor strange 2 Wandavision nexus commercial

Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige reveals that originally Doctor Strange created the commercials for WandaVision as a way to infiltrate Wanda’s reality.

WandaVision‘s commercials were created by Doctor Strange in early drafts. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Marvel Studios kicked off Phase 4 with their Disney+ slate as theaters closed down. As bizarre as it was to start this new storytelling with a sitcom-inspired MCU show, ultimately, it all worked as it quickly became a hit for the franchise.

Reuniting Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany’s star-crossed lovers, WandaVision offered something different for viewers in varying ways. For starters, it looked and felt different — at least in the first several episodes. Secondly, it also allowed Marvel Studios to really explore their characters with a longer runtime, something that will more likely be the storytelling principle for their Disney+ series. Due to its nature, WandaVision spawned countless theories every week; it was dissected carefully for any clues as to what might have laid ahead for the titular couple. The bizarre and yet somehow apt commercial breaks were some of the favorite parts for viewers of the show, and while they ultimately didn’t have any impact on the show’s actual story, this wasn’t originally the case.

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In a new interview with Rolling Stone (via Movie Web) Marvel Studios President, Kevin Feige, revealed that Doctor Strange was originally supposed to appear in the WandaVision finale. The commercials were originally planned to be his way of trying to reach out to Wanda, who’s focused on preserving her fantasy reality in Westview. However, when the future MCU Sorcerer Supreme’s involvement was scrapped, so was the idea for the ads. They decided to keep the commercial breaks anyway, although it’s never explained where they’re from and why most of them referenced some of Wanda’s real-life experiences.

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Elizabeth Olsen as Scarlet Witch in WandaVision Episode 1 and Episode 9

Leading up to the WandaVision finale, there were rampant theories that Doctor Strange would appear — a fair assessment considering that the Disney+ show is confirmed to lead into the events of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The Sam Raimi sequel will feature Scarlet Witch, although other than that, Marvel Studios has been able to keep plot specifics tightly under wraps. In hindsight, however, even though Doctor Strange didn’t have a cameo, Marvel Studios could’ve moved forward with its original plans for the commercial breaks. Instead of scrapping the idea altogether, this could’ve been revealed in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse instead as a way to establish that as the leader of the Masters of Mystic Arts, he was at least well-aware of Wanda’s actions.

There are several mysteries that the highly-anticipated sequel is expected to answer, which include how the Multiverse actually works and how it might affect the reality that Doctor Strange is currently tasked to protect. However, to be able to seamlessly transition from WandaVision to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, it must explain why he decided to not be involved with the Maximoff Anomaly. Considering how lost Wanda was through her grief, a mentor who knows magic like he does, would’ve been very helpful for her.

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Source: Rolling Stone (via Movie Web)

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