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Does A Quiet Place 2 Have A Post-Credits Scene?

Emily Blunt in A Quiet Place 2

John Krasinski’s highly-anticipated movie A Quiet Place 2 is finally playing in theaters, but does it include a post-credits scene to tease a sequel?

A Quiet Place Part II is finally out in theaters after a year-plus delay, but does it have a post-credits scene to stick around for? John Krasinski and Emily Blunt helped launch an original movie franchise in 2018 with A Quiet Place. Krasinski directed and starred in the monster thriller from Paramount Pictures and Platinum Dunes based on a script by Scott Beck and Bryan Woods. It was a surprise hit that year – making $341 million worldwide – and quickly made the studios push for a sequel. After taking some time to consider the possibilities, Krasinski agreed to return to direct A Quiet Place 2, with Blunt returning to star as Evelyn Abbott.

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Picking up immediately after the events of the first film, A Quiet Place 2 shows what happens next for the Abbott family following Lee’s death. More importantly, Lee and Evelyn’s daughter Regan (Millicent Simmonds) discovered the aliens’ weakness with high-frequency sounds. Their fight with the aliens at the end of the first movie forces the Abbott’s to go on the move and seek help. This leads them to encounter Emmett (Cillian Murphy) and work with him to try and keep the entire family safe from the alien threats. A Quiet Place 2 has earned stellar reviews out the gate, which is a good sign for the franchise’s potential future.

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Plenty of movie franchises have started to implement post-credits scenes in recent years to set up what comes next. So does A Quiet Place 2 have a post-credits scene that sets up where a sequel will go? Unfortunately, the answer is no. A Quiet Place 2 does not have a post-credits scene. The simple credits sequence rolls for several minutes after the screen initially cuts to black. Even though there is no additional footage or sequel tease, A Quiet Place 2‘s credits do offer viewers another chance to hear the score by Marco Beltrami and appreciate the hundreds of people who worked hard on all aspects of the sequel.

Emily Blunt in A Quiet Place Part 2 (1)

The lack of a post-credits scene on A Quiet Place 2 isn’t too surprising. It might be the popular thing to do with major movie franchises now, but the original film didn’t have one. That decision was likely due to the complete uncertainty about whether or not A Quiet Place would become a franchise. Although it seems like a safe bet that the series will become a trilogy of films, Paramount has yet to confirm A Quiet Place 3 is happening. There is another movie in this universe in the works, but the lack of an announcement about a direct sequel could be one reason why A Quiet Place 2 doesn’t have a post-credits scene.

A Quiet Place 2 not having a post-credits scene allows the movie to end in a similar fashion. Instead of directly teasing what will come next, Krasinski leaves the door open for more stories without committing to a direction already. He does have a general idea of what A Quiet Place 3‘s story will be, but those plans could also change depending on when the sequel potentially happens. As long as A Quiet Place Part II is another hit for Paramount, then viewers will eventually get to see what that story is. And if this is where the franchise ends, at least there is not a direct sequel tease that will go unresolved.

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  • A Quiet Place Part II (2021)Release date: May 28, 2021

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