Dominic Fike Talks Making Music Behind Bars Following Arrest

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Rapper Dominic Fike is opening up about making music whereas behind bars. The 24-year-old launched his first EP in 2017 whereas in jail, telling Advanced, “I couldn’t test the views or reply to the homies. I couldn’t speak to folks.” 

So, why was the singer in jail? Hold studying to search out out extra about Dominic’s previous and the way he created music whereas in jail.

Why did Dominic Fike go to jail?

Earlier than turning into recognized around the globe, the Florida native was primarily recognized in an underground circuit amongst his friends in Naples. In accordance with Advanced, Dominic was charged with battery of a police officer; although he wouldn’t talk about the authorized state of affairs additional with the outlet, he did notice that it was “only a improper place, improper time, cost with my brother.” Including, “It is public info now, it is all proper there.” 

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Following two months on home arrest, Dom went to jail. The rapper’s then-manager, David Fernandez, introduced him tools to begin making music, and the 2 would correspond over what ought to be on the demo tape.

“We had fights over a few of the songs and the way the order can be for a little bit bit,” he instructed the outlet. “Typically when the argument would get so heated, we’d be again to the ‘we’re not even gonna do that’ speak. Like ‘three Nights’ wasn’t purported to go on the EP in any respect. I pushed for that so arduous. I used to be like, ‘That is the zinger!’”

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In a brand new interview posted on his YouTube channel IN-FOCUS, Dominic opened up about making music whereas in jail. “The sink had a tone. It had a notice to it. I known as my producer someday and I banged on my sink and requested him what notice it was,” he mentioned.

Dominic continued: “From there I used to be in a position to play the notice and play up the C main scale. I used to be in a position to write music that approach.”

The rapper defined that he would write in his jail cell, however had a tough time remembering the music the next day. Subsequently, utilizing the sink helped him to recollect. “I needed to write music to it, however there was no supply of music or scale. I actually needed to bang on my sink on a regular basis, discover the notice … begin from there,” he defined. “That was the supply of music I had in jail.”

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