How to download Minecraft Trial on PC, Android, and PS (Quick Guide)

How to download Minecraft Trial on PC, Android, and PS (Quick Guide)
How to download Minecraft Trial on PC, Android, and PS (Quick Guide)

Back in 2009 when people were playing Minecraft on their devices, nobody would have thought that it’d make it this big. But, with the growing popularity of this game in recent times, it is not surprising that more and more millennials and Gen Z individuals are getting into this game now more than ever. You can try out it first with download Minecraft Trial option. 

With the sudden growth in popularity, the franchise has managed to steer in a good number of changes to the original Minecraft version along with some additional products in the list. And, it has also exceeded people’s expectations of PC gaming.

The game is now available on not just your PC and Android, it is also available for you to enjoy on your PS4. The Minecraft: Pocket Edition, which is the mobile version of the game is available for easier download without any hassle.

How to download Minecraft?

If you have got a hang of the game and want to download and install it on your device, there are several platforms you can download it to. From the PC to the PS4 console, it more or less supports quite a lot of options around. 

You can generally start by downloading the trial version of the game and then switch to the paid version later. That said, here, we are going to discuss the download process individually on PC, Android, and PS4.

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Downloading on PC

If you are looking for ways to download the game to your PC, the steps are pretty simple and straightforward. All you have to do is follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Start by visiting the official website of Minecraft at
  • Once you open the website, take your mouse’s cursor over to the Games section and then hover over it
  • From there, you can select Minecraft
  • Once that opens, you can then open and Try it free
  • From there, you can check which version you want to download and select the PC version in there

Download on Android

Much like your PC, you can also download Minecraft to your Android devices from the Play Store directly. It is a pretty simple process and requires a few clicks. Here’s what you need to do.

  • Head over to Google Play Store
  • From there, you can navigate around and then search for Minecraft
  • Select the “Try free demo” option and then click to download the trial version

Download on PS4

If you don’t want to use either of these options and want to enjoy the game on PS4, here are a few options you can follow through.

  • Start by visiting the PlayStation store
  • From there, you can navigate through and find the download Minecraft Trial option
  • Try the free demo of the game from there
  • It is a timed demo, so that means that even the trial version of the game will feature all the latest features that you’d need in the actual game
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Is it worth buying the actual version of Minecraft?

Many gamers are often skeptical about buying the paid versions of the game, especially when it comes to something like Minecraft, which is a pretty old game. So, if you are here trying to decide whether or not the paid version is worth it in the end or not, we’d suggest you read on.

Remember that Minecraft has become a cultural reset now. But, just because the majority of the people are playing this game doesn’t mean you have to as well. In such cases, you can just skip out on the same without further hassle.

But, if you have tried the trial version of the game and ended up liking it, we’d suggest you go for it without further questions asked. The paid version gets extremely fun and competitive when you have friends to accompany you in playing the game. So, if you have a lot of free time on your hand, we’d suggest that you keep an eye out on the same for better options.

Other perks

And, there are a lot of activities that you can do on Minecraft. From building a castle to an entire city or farm, the options are infinite. Aside from the actual game, it also features the creative mode, which allows you to build your content on the platform and not worry about the license associated.

The best thing about Minecraft is the fact that you can pretty much do anything that you likely won’t. So, if you enjoy playing the game, we’d suggest you go ahead and spend your money on purchasing the legit version of the game.

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If you were confused about the process of downloading Minecraft to either of your devices, we hope this gets you all the answers that you likely need about installing Minecraft to your PS4, PC, or Android device. Make sure that you first try out the free and download Minecraft Trial version before moving onto the paid version.

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