Early Photos From ‘Hawkeye’ Show Clint Barton With Hearing Aids

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While the MCU version of Clint Barton isn’t deaf, many of the iterations of his character in the comics show him losing his hearing in one way or another. In some versions, Clint’s hearing begins to dissipate as a result of the abuse he suffered as a child, while in a miniseries from 1983, the bow-wielding hero becomes mostly deaf following a faceoff with Crossfire.

The villain was attempting to wreak havoc among the heroes with a supersonic arrow, only for Hawkeye to counter it with one of his own. The explosion from the collision resulted in Hawkeye becoming mostly deaf, and even after he heals, he’s attacked by another villain, the Clown, who stabs him in the ears with arrows.

Hawkeye’s canonical deafness has mostly been erased from his narrative in the MCU, but it looks as though Marvel is looking to rectify that in the new series.

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