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Earthquake in North India Hits Delhi-NCR, Srinagar, Mathura & Punjab

Earthquake in North India

While every state in India protesting against the CAB, CAA, and NRC bill, another storm(I mean earthquake) felt in some areas of North India, which includes Delhi-NCR, Srinagar, Mathura, Punjab, and more areas.

The Earthquake in North India of magnitude 6.8 on the richter scale struck the Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan as well as India. The tremors Earthquake were reported from Jammu and Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, many areas of the country. The Earthquake was hit around 5:20 IST.

Well, the National Center for Seismology reported that the Earthquake was centered 245 km north of Kabul, Afghanistan. Because of the Earthquake, many buildings shooks in Pakistan as well some people in India also felt that Earthquake as their offices, homes, fans, hanging lights were seen shaking under the impact of the tremor of Earthquake of magnitude 6.8.

There is no news of any damage or injury from any area yet. But every news channel is now covering the Earthquake, and we will update the story as we get any information about the Earthquake.

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