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Elite Dangerous CEO Offers Apology For Buggy Odyssey Launch

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The CEO of Frontier Developments, the developer of Elite Dangerous, has issued an apology over the buggy launch of the Odyssey expansion.

The CEO of Frontier Developments has come forward to apologize for the buggy launch of the latest expansion to Elite Dangerous, Odyssey. This apology comes after a large uproar by Elite Dangerous fans, many of whom review bombed the space frontier simulation title online.

Elite Dangerous’ newest expansion, Odyssey, released on May 19. The launch of the DLC was immediately followed by fans reporting various issues with the new features and some that were already in the game. Those who had bought the expansion have been reporting poor performance issues, crashing, bugs and older features in the game completely breaking thanks to the new update. While Odyssey was supposed to be the next big step for Elite Dangerous, the DLC has been nothing but a stain on the franchise’s previously positive image.

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On the offical Elite Dangerous forums, Frontier Development’s CEO David Braben has issued an apology to the fan base following the uproar caused by Odyssey. The apology outlines how the development studio is working to solve the issues caused by the release, namely with a second major hotfix on the horizon that should fix some of the bugs and improve the game’s stability. The post even states that Braben has been trying to recreate the same experience as many of the players, using a less than powerful PC to play the game and experience exactly what the reports have been stating.

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First and foremost, I would like to apologise wholeheartedly to those who have been suffering from these problems. I would like to reassure you that we take these issues very seriously and that they are our top priority and focus,” writes Braben. Our second hotfix will be released very soon, which we hope will address more of the reported bugs and bring further stability improvements into the game.  We will continue to work on updates which will resolve more bugs and improve stability further.

There have been two patches since Odyssey released less than a week ago, but fans are still being plagued by the same issues, with many fans annoyed that they paid $40 for the experience. Having to pay for an expansion that is rife with bugs and performance issues is obviously frustrating for a lot of fans, especially since it hinders features from the base game as well. Another issue fans have with the update is the fact that it requires a high-performance PC in order to properly enjoy the game.

It is comforting to have the CEO directly address the community following this uproar. From the message, it is clear that Braben cares about the game and the fans. Elite Dangerous players will have to wait and see if Braben sticks to his word and if the team manages to turn Odyssey into the expansion that fans were promised.

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