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Eternals Trailer Teased The Wrong Hero Taking Over The Avengers

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The Eternals trailer made a joke about Ikaris becoming the Avengers’ new leader, but a different character in the movie could actually do it.

The Eternals trailer made a joke of Ikaris (Richard Madden) taking over the Avengers, but a different character in the movie could actually do it one day. Kit Harrington’s Black Knight hasn’t even been introduced yet, and he’s already a candidate for the group’s new leader.

As noted by Sprite (Lia McHugh) when she made a remark about “Captain Rogers” and Iron Man being gone, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are in a state of flux right now. Those two, in addition to Black Widow, are gone for good, and it’s not abundantly clear who’s on the team roster (if there is one at all). There really aren’t that many active heroes at this stage in Phase 4, so it’s possible that there is no Avengers team at the moment. Characters who might still be associated with them include Ant-Man, Smart Hulk, War Machine, and Sam Wilson’s Captain America, but for the time being, their status remains uncertain. Since WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier didn’t address this mystery, the current lineup of the Avengers and who may be in charge has yet to be fully revealed.

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When Sprite brought this up in the trailer, Ikaris stated that he could lead the team. This brought laughs from the Eternals, which suggests that for whatever reason, him leading the Avengers is a humorous notion. And though it was just a joke, Eternals setting up the Avengers’ next leader is a very real possibility; it’s just not likely to happen with Ikaris. However, it could with Black Knight, who was a prominent member of the group across several lineups. In fact, he served as the team leader during the early 1990s and was even the face of the Avengers for a few years, having appeared front-and-center on several of their comic covers. During this time, he was the central narrative focus of the comic book series.

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It’s worth wondering if Marvel will take inspiration from Black Knight’s role in the Avengers when crafting the team’s future in Phase 5. The casting of Game of Thrones alum Kit Harrington does indicate that Dane Whitman won’t be just a minor MCU character or a modern-day love interest for Gemma Chan’s Sersi. Instead, it’s more likely that he’ll be instrumental in future MCU projects. Since he’s not one of the Eternals, staying within that franchise may not be the plan for him. It would make more sense for Eternals to introduce him, establish the Black Knight legacy, give him the Ebony Blade, and set up his role as a superhero in the MCU.

One option for Black Knight’s future after Eternals is a Disney+ series, but Marvel may be thinking bigger. He could get his own show, but on top of that, he could also lead the next team of Avengers. Rather than use one of its Infinity Saga characters, Marvel may begin an all-new era for the team by picking one of its Phase 4 heroes. Black Knight, a character who doesn’t have the superpowers of people like Thor but does have the tactical know-how and skill needed for the job, feels like a good choice. His history in Marvel Comics could lend the MCU a great deal of storytelling opportunities. His struggle to keep the sword’s curse from taking him over, as well as his alternate dimension and time travel adventures from the comics could be perfect for an Avengers 5 story.

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