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Evan Peters Needed A Hug After Filming Mare of Easttown Ep. 3 Scene

Evan Peters in Mare of Easttown

Mare of Easttown director, Craig Zobel, reveals that Evan Peters needed a hug after filming a difficult scene in episode 3 of the HBO limited series.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Mare of Easttown

Mare of Easttown star, Evan Peters, needed a hug after filming a difficult scene in episode 3. Written and created by Brad Ingelsby, Mare of Easttown is HBO’s latest murder mystery. Set in the suburbs of Philadelphia, the limited series revolves around a detective named Mare Sheehan (Kate Winslet). The first episode quickly reveals that Mare has been dealing with the case of Katie Bailey, a local girl who’s been missing for a year. And, by the end of the episode, Mare finds herself tasked with investigating the murder of Erin (Cailee Spaeny).

Peters makes his Mare of Easttown debut in episode 2. The Quicksilver actor plays Detective Colin Zabel, who is sent to help Mare in solving Erin’s murder. Although the two get off on the wrong foot, due to Mare’s fear that Colin will try to steal her case, they eventually establish a friendly rapport. But that amiable and professional dynamic is threatened in the third installment of the HBO drama, as Colin drunkenly approaches Mare at the bar and pours his heart out. Alternating between intoxicated laughter and solemn reflection, in a performance that has drawn plenty of praise, Peters’ character confesses to a failed engagement and a nagging sense of disappointment.

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During an interview with Vanity Fair’s Still Watching podcast, Craig Zobel was asked about the pivotal scene. Zobel directed all seven Mare of Easttown episodes, answering that he remembers Colin’s drunken confessions quite well. He notes that it was an emotional experience, referring to it as a “rollercoaster,” and he mentions hugging Peters when it was over. Zobel also praised the actor for his portrayal, saying he hopes to work with him again in the future.

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The scene has turned heads, becoming the most discussed moment in an episode that boasts no storage of developments. Part of that is down to the way Mare of Easttown subverts a common trope. In most shows, it’s usually a veteran male detective paired with a young and idealistic female partner. The HBO drama flips that on its head by making Colin the friendly outsider who clearly wants to impress his older partner. Part of that, as well, is the difficultly of acting out intoxication authentically. Performers have spoken about how they often worry about overselling or underselling the effects of alcohol. But in Peters’ case, observers have noted that the actor strikes the perfect balance.

The main reason the moment has gained a lot of attention is due to Peters himself. Since its premiere in 2011, he’s played wildly different characters on nearly every season of American Horror Story. While he’s always been consistent, and always willing to immerse himself in the anthology’s absurdity, those performances obscured the fact that Peters is quite excellent at conveying the type of raw and honest emotion that strikes a chord with many viewers. And, judging by the director’s comments, Peters’ work on Mare of Easttown struck a chord on set as well.

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Source: Vanity Fair’s Still Watching podcast

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