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The Masters of the Universe series, also known as He-Man, has long been an object of 80s nostalgia but will soon be coming back to the small screen in a new light. Netflix is creating a new, adult-oriented He-Man show called Masters of the Universe: Revelation. Revelation will be a direct sequel to the 1980s cartoon and focus on Teela searching for the missing Power Sword. The show will bring back the central characters from the original cartoon but with a new voice cast, one that contains many familiar names to fans of science fiction and fantasy.

Revelation will be directed by Kevin Smith, best known as the director of offbeat comedies like Clerks, Chasing Amy, and Dogma. The new show will be a ten-episode limited series released in two seasons. Revelation will be animated by Powerhouse Animation Studios, which also brought the Castlevania Netflix series to life. It will have a more adult-oriented tone, aimed at fans of the original series who now have more grown-up tastes.

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The upcoming series comes after the success of Netflix’s She-Ra and the Princesses of Power animated series set in the same universe. The more family-oriented She-Ra ran for five seasons and was critically acclaimed. Netflix will also be creating a kid-friendly He-Man and the Masters of the Universe series, using CG animation from DreamWorks Animation Television and Mattel Television, although no cast details have been released.

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No premiere date has been set for Master of the Universe: Revelation, but the first batch of episodes is expected to be released in 2021.  The full cast was confirmed earlier this year, with a mixture of veteran voice actors and big names from live-action film and television.

Chris Wood as Prince Adam/He-Man

Chris Wood stars as an older version of the iconic prince of Eternia, who can transform into He-Man by using the mythic Sword of Eternia. With the sword missing at the start of the series, however, Revelation could offer a very different depiction of Prince Adam. Wood has appeared in several CW series, including playing Mon-El in Supergirl and Malachai in The Vampire Diaries. This is his first voice-acting role.

Mark Hamill as Skeletor

Masters of the Universe Cast Guide mark hamill skeletor

As iconic as He-Man himself, Skeletor was the villain of the original He-Man series, constantly plotting to capture Castle Grayskull and from there the universe. Hamill is of course best known for playing Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars saga but has also become a prominent voice actor over the past three decades. He voiced the Joker in Batman: the Animated Series and will take on a similarly villainous role in Revelation.

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Sarah Michelle Gellar as Teela

Masters of the Universe Cast Guide_ Every Character and Actor Confirmed

Teela appears in the original He-Man series as the captain of the Royal Guard and a mentor to Adam. Early indications are that she’ll take a more central role in Revelation. Gellar has extensive movie and TV experience and is best known for playing the eponymous starring role in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Liam Cunningham as Man-at-Arms

Masters of the Universe Cast Guide_ liam cunningham

Also known as Duncan, Man-at-Arms is an advisor to the Eternian throne who also serves as an adoptive father to Teela and a paternal figure to Adam. Cunningham is a veteran Irish actor who is perhaps best known for his role as Ser Davos Seaworth in Game of Thrones.

Lena Headey as Evil-Lyn

Masters of the Universe Cast Guide_ Every Character and Actor Confirmed (1)

Evil-Lyn is the only female member of Skeletor’s minions and is highly intelligent, frequently working on her own evil schemes and aspiring to rule Eternia by herself. This kind of role won’t be new to Headey, another Game of Thrones alum who played the plotting Queen Cersei Lannister, in addition to roles in series like Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Diedrich Bader as King Randor and Trap Jaw

Masters of the Universe Cast Guide_ Every Character and Actor Confirmed (2)

Randor is the king of Eternia and the father of He-Man and She-Ra, ruling over Castle Grayskull. Bader is an experienced actor and voice actor, appearing mainly in comedies such as Veep, Space Force, and Bojack Horseman. His voice credits include Batman in The Brave and the Bold and Harley Quinn. Bader will also voice the smaller role of Trap Jaw, a cyborg member of Skeletor’s Evil Warriors.

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Alicia Silverstone as Queen Marlena

Masters of the Universe Cast Guide_ Alicia Silverstone as Queen Marlena

Marlena is the Queen of Eternia and Randor’s wife. She is actually a human who was transported to Eternia from Earth as the result of a space mission gone wrong. Silverstone is a veteran actress best known for her work in movies like Clueless and Batman & Robin during the 1990s and more recently has appeared in Netflix’s Baby-Sitters Club series.

Stephen Root as Battle Cat

Masters of the Universe Cast Guide Stephen Root as Battle Cat

Legendary character actor Stephen Root is He-Man’s animal companion Battle Cat. Root has appeared in dozens of roles but is perhaps best known for appearing as Jimmy James on NewsRadio, Milton Waddams in Office Space, and as the voice of Bill and Buck in King of the Hill.

Griffin Newman as Orko

Masters of the Universe Cast Guide Griffin Newman as Orko

Orko is a Trollan, a mysterious blue species from another dimension, who commonly served as comic relief in the original cartoon. The role will be played by Griffin Newman, who played Arthur in Amazon’s The Tick reboot and has also developed a following through his podcast Blank Check and live comedy show The George Lucas Talk Show.

Susan Eisenberg as Sorceress

Masters of the Universe Cast Guide Susan Eisenberg as Sorceress

Taking on her title as her name, Sorceress is the latest in a line of magical women who guard the secrets of Castle Grayskull. Eisenberg is one of the staff’s more dedicated voice actresses, and also has a DC universe connection, having voiced Wonder Woman in several DC animated series and video games.

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Kevin Michael Richardson as Beast Man

Masters of the Universe Cast Guide Kevin Michael Richardson as Beast Man

Beast Man is one of Skeletor’s trusted lieutenants, with super strength and the ability to control monsters and wild animals. Richardson is another voice acting veteran whose deep voice has made him a popular choice for villainous characters in series ranging from The Fairly OddParents to Invincible. He has also voiced numerous comedic roles such as Cleveland Brown Jr. in the Family Guy universe and is the new voice of Dr. Hibbert in The Simpsons.

Kevin Conroy as Mer-Man

Masters of the Universe Cast Guide Kevin Conroy as Mer-Man

Mer-Man is one of Skeletor’s fiercest minions, commanding the seas and the creatures within them. He is the king of the Aquaticians, an underwater humanoid species. Conroy is best known to fans of animation as the voice of Batman in Batman: The Animated Series and related media, making him the second Caped Crusader in the Masters of the Universe cast. Many fans see Conroy’s take on Bruce Wayne as the definitive one, and he will be looking to bring similar craft to Mer-Man.

Henry Rollins as Tri-Klops

Masters of the Universe Cast Guide Henry Rollins as Tri-Klops

Rollins is an unusual casting choice, being known best as the frontman of punk band Black Flag as well as a spoken word artist. He has also embraced acting roles, including in Sons of Anarchy and The Legend of Korra. As for Tri-Klops, as the name would suggest, he’s a cyclops-like creature who has three eyes on different sides of his head, granting him superior sight. He is one of Skeletor’s minions.

Jason Mewes as Stinkor

Masters of the Universe Cast Guide Jason Mewes as Stinkor

Stinkor, a skunk-like creature with a poisonous odor, has long been the butt of jokes in Masters of the Universe, being created as a toy in 1985 but considered too silly to put in the original cartoon. For this more comedic role, Smith chose his longtime collaborator and friend Jason Mewes, who appeared in many of his movies and TV shows as Jay alongside Smith’s own Silent Bob.

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Alan Oppenheimer as Moss Man

Masters of the Universe Cast Guide Alan Oppenheimer as Moss Man

Moss Man is an ancient figure who lives in the Evergreen Forest in harmony with nature and is generally on the side of good. Oppenheimer has been acting on TV since the 1960s and was involved with the original He-Man cartoon voicing multiple characters, including Skeletor and Man-At-Arms. His appearance in Revelation pays tribute to the franchise’s history.

Justin Long as Roboto

Masters of the Universe Cast Guide Justin Long as Roboto

Another Masters of the Universe character with a self-explanatory name, Roboto is a robot created by Man-at-Arms who fights alongside the heroes. Long has worked with Smith on multiple movies before and has done voice work in F is for Family, but is still perhaps best known for appearing as Mac in the famous Mac vs. PC advertisements.

Tony Todd as Scare Glow

Among the most mysterious of Skeletor’s minions, Scare Glow is a ghost who wields the threatening Scythe of Doom. Todd is another film and TV veteran, best known for playing the titular role in the Candyman movie franchise as well as making repeat appearances in series like Final Destination and Star Trek. As a voice actor, he voiced the Fallen in the Transformers movies and the starring role in a Dracula audio drama.

Phil LaMarr as He-Ro

Masters of the Universe Cast Guide Phil LaMarr as He-Ro

He-Ro is the son of He-Man, who was originally created to star in his own spin-off series but never reached television. With Revelation set long after the original series, He-Ro finally has an opportunity to appear on screen. LaMarr is another veteran of the DC Animated Universe, voicing Hal Jordan as Green Lantern, in addition to performances like Hermes in Futurama and the title role in Samurai Jack. Phil LaMarr’s voice acting work has been recognized as some of the best ever, making him a great addition to the cast.

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Cree Summers as Priestess

Priestess seems to be a new character created for Revelation, whose appearance and role are still unknown. Summer first became known for playing Freddie on A Different World but has developed an extensive career as a voice actor, including Penny on Inspector Gadget and Elmyra on Tiny Toon Adventures.

Harley Quinn Smith as Ileena

Masters of the Universe Cast Guide Harley Quinn Smith as Ileena

Ileena appeared in the original series as a friend of Teela’s and a warrior woman who lacked confidence in herself. For this role, Smith kept it in the family, casting his daughter Harley Quinn Smith (on the right, and yes, named after that Harley Quinn), who has appeared in numerous Smith projects as well as a small role in Once Upon A Time… in Hollywood.

Tiffany Smith as Lt. Andra

Lieutenant Andra was first introduced in the Star Comics Masters of the Universe series. She is a friend of Teela who fights alongside the forces of Castle Grayskull. Revelation will be Andra’s first on-screen appearance. Smith is best known for playing Megan Markle in the Lifetime movie Harry and Megan: Becoming Royal as well as appearances in Vice and Supernatural.

The original He-Man: Masters of the Universe used just six voice actors to voice all the characters. The loaded cast of Revelation reflects how much animation has grown, and the increased opportunity for voice actors in the age of streaming revivals. There’s certainly enough talent in the cast to make Masters of the Universe: Revelation a successful tribute to the original series.

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